Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What A Beautiful Morning

My Garden
This morning, after breakfast (6:45 am), I just had to go out and take a few pictures of my garden. The Wisteria is at it's peak and the Peonies are just coming into bloom. If only the Wisteria smelled as good it looks! What the plant lacks in scent, it certainly makes up for in beauty.
Hard to believe it was only 4 years ago that we took down the old arbor, cut back the Wisteria, and let it lay on the ground through out the whole winter until we put up a new arbor in the Spring. As you can see, the Wisteria didn't suffer a bit. The plant requires regular maintenance because as any proud Wisteria owner knows, they tend to grow out of control in a very short period of time.

One Impressive Hosta!

Next to the arbor sits my enormous Hosta. I wish you could see how large it actually is because pictures don't do it justice. Last year it measured 8 feet across, but I think it might grow even larger this year. Each Spring my husband says we should move it because it takes over the walkway, and it's too big. But to me it is the focal point of the whole garden, and almost everyone who comes to visit comments on how impressive it actually is.

Unfortunately I didn't save the tag so I can't give you the variety. A friend of mine feels it is an Elephant Ear Hosta, but as I say, I'm just not sure. I just know it's one of my all time favorite plants.


Unknown said...

I got to see Sharon's garden and it is even more beautiful in person. It is like a little slice of heaven.
hugs from toasty texas,
Nancy and the puggies

Anonymous said...

The hostas in Kentucky are huge too. Yours is beautiful!


A New England Life said...

That's interesting to know Laura! None of my others are even close to the size of my larger one though. Not sure I would want them to be either!


Jenn: said...

I am so envious of your garden! You are a fantastic photographer. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. Those along with the wave sounds makes your blog such a wonderful place to visit.

Cathy said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was anxiously waiting to see if you were going to have a blog too. I love it. I love hosta and will even admit, I have hosta envy. Your wisteria is beautiful I've tried growing it two or three different times without success.

Cathy and pugs, Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy

Carolyn said...

Your garden is so gorgeous. Can you come and make mine look like that?

Aki said...

Japanese HOSUTA goes to a foreign country, and it becomes wonderful.