Friday, June 13, 2008

Blue Phin

9 weeks

11 months

While I'm on a 'blue' subject, here is my adorable little . . . well he used to be little . . . 11 month old Phineas. Last September as my older daughter and I drove past the local SPCA I decided to stop in . . . just to look! In the past I had always been able to restrain myself as far as looking but not leaping.

One glance at Phin though and it was pretty much all over. There's just no way to resist the charm of his blue eyes and adorable disposition. When he first came home Cybil and Luna would have nothing to do with him, so his only resource for love was either us, or the the dogs.

To this day he still prefers hanging out with Lily and Winston rather than Luna, but they tend to be somewhat sceptical of a cat that wants to snuggle. There will be plenty more pictures of Phin to come. He is so easy to photograph.


Unknown said...

Hugs to little Phin from Texas. Howie likes kitties, he wouldn't mind sharing some snuggle time!
Nancy and the puggies

Cathy said...

Phin is adorable! "stop in . . . just to look", the famous last words.


Anonymous said...

He was supposed to be an orange cat like me!


A New England Life said...

Sorry Calvin. I know Luna was VERY disappointed too : (

Carolyn said...

How adorable. I love the picture of the three of them together.