Monday, June 30, 2008

Christina and Rich

Christina and Rich
May 3, 2008
In May our family had the honor of attending my niece, Christina, and her fiance' Rich's wedding. Due to the fact she and Rich live in Connecticut we had only met Rich once before, but they both seem so very happy and we are thrilled for them!
Since many people couldn't make the 2-3 hour drive to Connecticut, Christina opted to also have an intimate party of about 40 people at my mothers this past Saturday afternoon for local friends and family. Although the weather was not as cooperative as we had hoped, overall the party was tasteful and lovely. I hope they enjoyed it as well!
The cake was handmade by my mother

Elise and Andria being silly

The fountain us kids gave to my parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary a few years ago sits just outside the front door.

There were plenty of flowers and yummy food to go around!

Jon and Brent grilling up burgers and chicken for the guests, though I'm not sure they were as thrilled as they looked about being assigned with the job.

The woman who played the piano did a wonderful job!

I wish I had more pictures to post, but most of them came out dark due to my camera setting's being off. Christina I hope you like the ones I posted : )


Laura said...

Your Mom should go into the cake business - she did an awesome job! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

A New England Life said...

She actually used to Laura. She made mine, my brothers, and many others. But it's a lot of work with not enough pay to make up for all the hours she put in.

Sometime I'll post a picture of my wedding cake : )

Jenn: said...

That is a gorgeous cake! And Christina made a lovely bride. Congratulations to them!