Saturday, June 14, 2008

It Smells Like Summer

More than likely this will be the last of my posts regarding the Peonies and Wisteria. Time is passing quickly and the blooms have peaked, but I've enjoyed and appreciated every moment of their beauty for it passes all too quickly. For the ants too I imagine.

Did you know there are over
600 varieties of Peonies? Neither did I!!! After seeing some of the gorgeous colors and variations I can't help but wish a few of the unique ones were mine. It might be time to seek out what is available in the local area. Sometimes even Walmart carries some nice varieties at low prices. The one annoying thought is how long it takes the plants to become full sized. Who wants to wait? Not me. Patience in not a great virtue of mine. But I think it's the only way there is. After all, look at what time has produced.

The next colorful flowers to come into bloom near the arbor will 2 Blue Hydrangea's I planted years ago, although I find myself very disappointed in the limited amount of blooms they produce each summer. I've tried using Big Bloom fertilizer, as well as an acidic mix to help them turn the gorgeous blue color they are when I bought them from the Nursery. Nothing seems to help. Maybe this year will be different. Of course I say that every year.


Anonymous said...

I love my peonies too, however, I wish they lasted longer. I've only got one bush - the light pink like yours. I'll have to look around for some other varieties. Ours bloom much earlier - unfortunately, mine were all done last week.

Carolyn said...

That is so pretty. Is that your yard? How gorgeous. I am envious.