Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Southern Lady in New England

Nancy and Winston

On Friday, May 30th, my friend Nancy came all the way from Texas to visit little ole' me here in NH. Actually, she came from Boston, as she was attending a business conference, but none the less, in total she still had to travel quite a ways to get here. As you can see, she was instantly taken over by Winston who knew right away Nancy was a Pug connoissuer! He proceded to lick & love her on a regular basis, without so much as one little complaint from his recipient. I tried to warn Nancy, he has some nasty eating habits, but she didn't seem to mind.

Great Bay Discovery Center

The following morning, we took a brisk stroll along the boardwalk of Sandy Point, overlooking Great Bay which feeds into the ocean a couple miles away. The sky was overcast, and eventually it did rain, but that was after we arrived back home, and just before we left for the train station. Nancy has some wonderful photo's, a short video, and interesting info about Horseshoe Crabs you may view on Nancy's Blog.
A little further down on Nancy's page is the story of the great adventure her Pug Tag made just to see Winston!

Speaking of the train, here is the actual station I picked Nancy up at. It's just a cute little thing, and if you hesitate for a moment, you'll miss your train because they stop, hustle everyone off and on, and . . . whooosh! . . . off they go. It's over in less than 5 minutes! See you next year Nancy! I hope!


Unknown said...

There is nothing I look forward to more than hopping on the train at North Station to go see Sharon! Seeing the picture of the train station at Exeter makes me think of how we both get tears in our eyes when it is time to say goodbye. I had such a great time. Sharon is a woman of many talents - she makes a great turkey sandwich and she's not afraid of giant horseshoe crabs, either! Thanks for letting me invade your home again Sharon.
Nancy and the puggies

A New England Life said...

You are always welcome Nancy! Especially if it forces me to clean.


Carolyn said...

What wonderful pictures and Nancy is so pretty too.

Carolyn said...
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