Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blueberry Bay Farm

Blueberry picking . . . such a great New England experience. And Blueberry Bay Farm a local Farm of Distinction, wholeheartedly encompasses the experience with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers.

I hope you enjoy the photos from yesterday. There are plenty of them!

For Nancy: because I know how much you love the Granite rock walls of NH. Can you believe in some parts of the state people have been stealing the stones? This wall is on the left side of the road just before we arrived at the farm.
The entrance to Blueberry Bay farm. Quaint as can be!

After parking, or in our case, walking, this the the archway to go through to head towards the berries. I would guess the wild roses have recently finished blooming but what a sight it must have been.

Today's choice. And a good one it is!

The quintessential blueberry, before it turns blue. Unfortunately most berries are still green but within the next couple weeks there will be an incredible harvest. We had no problems filling our baskets even with the slim pickins.

As you can see the bushes were laden with berries ready to ripen. They were also sagging because they were wet with rain. As were Elise and I. We tried to shake off the bushes as we walked up the aisles to keep from getting any wetter.

A light rain started coming down after Elise and I had been picking for about 15 minutes, so we held an umbrella with one hand and picked with the other! Elise stopped to rest a moment on a bench as we were heading out to pay. Phew, BB picking is exhausting!

~A bed of flowers~

The shed to pick up your basket, purchase soda, blueberry lemondade, blueberry cake, jellies, recipe books, etc. And pay when you've finished picking and eating ; ) Good thing they don't weigh the kids before and after they pick!

A cute little bird house. Though it would take a very
small bird to fit in those holes!

Below is the farm itself. The Thomas Wiggin house, built in 1726. Naturally the shutters are blue.
I hope you enjoyed a morning of picking!


Laura said...

And you can walk to this place? How awesome, and how much fun having fresh blueberries. I love them on cereal and on ice cream (even more on ice cream - LOL)! It looks easier than picking strawberries.

Unknown said...

I love the "bed of flowers." What a wonderful idea. Beautiful pictures, Sharon! This makes me want a bowl of ice cream with blueberries on top...

Jenn: said...

What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looking at the sign of what was available made me hungry! How is the bluberry lemonaid?

A New England Life said...

Glad you ladies enjoyed blueberry picking : )

I've never tried the blueberry lemonade Jenn. Sounds a little funky to me!

Pinot and Angel Momo said...

Hello Sharon & family! Wow, you have many beautiful photos on your blog!

Blueberry picking sounds great!

Our dad stayed in New Hampshire for a little while...maybe 5,6 years ago on his business and he said he really enjoyed his stay.

Thank you for stopping by our blog. We're glad you liked SATC movie. Our pawrents are thinking to go and see the movie one more time before DVD comes out!

Momo & Pinot

Cathy said...

I really enjoyed this post. This looks like some place I would love to visit.


Beth at Aunties said...

The East coast is so beautiful, and so full of history. We are coming out to visit our kids in about a month. New Hampshire looks like an especially beautiful state. I enjoyed the pictures of the Blueberry farm and you made everything come alive so we could enjoy just being there. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter Elise is beautiful.

A New England Life said...


Are you coming to NH? It should be a wonderful time of year to visit New England. I can't wait to see pictures!