Monday, July 14, 2008

First Bloom, continued

Remember the Hydrangea flower in my post, First Bloom? I thought it would turn a purply-blue but that's not what happened. Here is what actually happened!

Only the centers turned blue while the petals look like they've broken out in a rash! lol!

And here is a picture of our sunset tonight (Monday). Beautiful except those darned power lines


Unknown said...

Sharon, isn't that a pretty bunch of spots on your hydrangea...almost like the hydrangea measles or something! wow, the sunset is beautiful! do you ever see the northern lights from where you are?
n and the pees

Jenn: said...

Those lil blue centers are so adorable. And the spots? Proof of the Nature's sense of humor. What fun flowers!

Laura said...

What a gorgeous sunset - with or without the power lines! And the hydrangea - I wonder if they will continue to turn the dark pink color? Very pretty!