Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First bloom

At last the Hydrangea's have started blooming. One of my plants has a (only one) nice big blue flower while the other has smaller pink flowers, which will eventually turn a purplish-blue shade. They used to be blue but I haven't been diligent when it comes to applying Aluminum Sulfate on a yearly basis. Still I think the pink is pretty.

And here is the father Chipping Sparrow telling me to skee daddle as I'm trying to take a picture of the flowers, though he's impossible to hear over the other birds. Apparently they were so sick of me hanging around the arbor they have since decided to nest elsewhere, (I took the pictures a few days ago). I feel terrible about it because the arbor was such a safe place for their babies. Guess they thought otherwise.


Laura said...

How beautiful, Sharon! I don't have any hydrangea, but I've always loved them. My sofa in the sunroom has pink hydrangea on it!

Unknown said...

Well there you go again harrassing those poor birds, Sharon. ; ) Hydrangea is one of my absolute favorite flowers. I think yours is one of the prettiest pinks I have ever seen. Phosphorus! so that's what you put on them to turn them blue? do you know if that is safe for dogs?
n and the pees

Jenn: said...

I love those flowers! They look like a mass of tiny butterflies. They were in my wedding bouquet. Unfortunately, I don't have the green thumb for them.

A New England Life said...

Laura,those are easy hydrangeas ; )

Nancy, the Phosphorus is mixed with water just like plant food so it won't bother the plants.

Jenn, that must have been pretty a very pretty bouquet! Your thumb is getting greener all the time.

A New England Life said...

lol! Of course it won't bother the plants *rolls eyes* My space bar isn't working so I'm in a funk!

Anyway, no the Phosphorus won't bother the DOGS ; )

Oh jeesh, Jenn's message is messed up too. Where is my computer repair man?

Unknown said...

LOL Sharon - maybe your computer repairguy ran away with the birds...

BetteJo said...

Those are gorgeous flowers, I'm a sucker for pretty blooms!
But I'm so happy I stopped by just to read about Color Oops!! I have turned my hair a nice forest green once - and I turned it a candy apple red (some people wear it that way) the day before my Dad's funeral. Ugh. Spent hours in a shop while they hemmed and hawed about how to fix it.
Thanks for sharing your oops!

A New England Life said...

Thanks for stopping by Bettejo!

Color Oops worked wonders for me! I read it's best to use it within the first 48 hours though. I was a little worried when my hair felt like rubber in the shower but once I added conditioner it felt wonderful. 2 days later I would never know I did anything to it.

Forest green? Yikes!