Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week In Bloom: Day 1

It's gonna be a bright sunshiny day!

Yesterday while my husband was out running an errand he stopped at a little organic roadside stand, the Wake Robin Farm, and picked up a couple bouquets of flowers. This bunch has Thistle, Sunflowers, a flower similar to Queen Anne's Lace, along with some pink flowers but I'm not sure what they are. Put together they make a very nice old fashioned bouquet!




Laura said...

A husband that buys flowers for no occasion? Hang on to him, Sharon! Those flowers are gorgeous!

Jenn: said...

Beautiful flowers. What a thoughtful husband!

You take great pictures too. Do you process them in photoshop or anything before you post them, or do you just upload them as is?

Sharon said...

Brent loves flowers and gardening as much as I do but I think he liked the uniqueness of this particular bouquet.

To answer your question Jenn, yes I do photoshop all my pictures before I post them. Mostly just to enhance the detail or bring out the color a bit since I don't have a really fancy camera. The program I use is Photoshop 7.0 and my camera is a Fuji Finepix s700 which has wonderful reviews! And it's under $200.

Nancy and the fatties said...

What a beautiful sunflower, Sharon. I've never seen one like it!