Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week in Bloom: Day 3

With all the beautiful varieties available, can you ever really have enough Lilies?

And here is a picture of the pinkish-purple flowers that were in the bouquet from Week in Bloom: Day 1


Beth at Aunties said...

Such gorgeous pictures! The flowers are so beautiful I can almost smell the sweet aroma of being there.
Your blog is soothing to the soul. May I add you to my blog link list?

A New England Life said...

What wonderful compliments! Thank you Beth! Of course you may add me to your blog list. I would be honored : )


Unknown said...

These are beautiful, Sharon! I wonder what those pretty purpley things are...

sillygrrl said...

Funny how a few flower pics can make a girl smile.... Makes me wish I had a garden, but for now I am happy with my potted plants/flowers.