Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week in Bloom: Day 4

The top 2 pictures were taken in my Mom's garden. Though I love them both, the top picture with the still partially green flowers is my favorite. It has a real romantic, wedding arrangement look to it.
(click on the picture to see how beautiful the flower really is!)

The picture below is one of only two bold Blue Hydrangeas I've had bloom this Summer on either of my two plants. The other Hydrangea has the 'spots'!
For more on Hydrangeas, click here Ahh, sweet Summer time . . .


Laura said...

Love the new look on your page, Sharon! That hydrangea of your Mom's is gorgeous - what a beautiful wedding bouquet it would make! Don't you wish flowers bloomed like that all year long?

A New England Life said...

I'm glad you like it Laura! It's not quite as busy as the polka dots.

How I wish Summer could last.

Jenn: said...

I wish they bloomed all the time too! The top green ones are the ones that were in my bouquet along with white roses. Everytime I see those flowers in that color, I get a lil mushy ;0)

A New England Life said...

What a beautiful bouquet it must have been Jenn! I thought of you when I posted the pictures : )

Jenn: said...

Here is
*My Bouquet*
. Mind you it was 6 years ago ;0)

Oddly, I remember so many things different than the pictures- and I remember the Hydraneas being more prominent. I think it is because it was one of those THINGS that took forever to decide.

I was given a lil surprise. My plant has a new bloom!!! Picture to follow.

A New England Life said...

I loved your wedding photos! Thank you for sharing them! The bouquet was beautiful with white roses. You're right, the hydrangea's aren't very visible but probably to see it in person would be different. You were such a gorgeous bride! And what a handsome guy you married ; )

You had me looking through my own wedding photo's which are not that great. Our wedding photographer lost all the pictures of Brent and I at together at the church. Can you believe that? We have some with the wedding party, but nothing with just the two of us. I guess the red light should have come on when he called them 'pitchers'. lol!