Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week in Bloom: Day 7

For Cybil: White Impatiens

On the day Cybil passed away, May 22, I planted a flat of Impatiens. They are looking very lovely and plentiful, though it seems they haven't quite hit there stride yet. But they're almost there! Another week or so should make a difference. In the mean time I am sure to water and fertilize the plants on a regular basis with Big Bloom fertilizer. The view is beautiful, but never as beautiful as Cybil.

All pictures and video of Cybil were taken in July '07


Jenn: said...

She was a classic beauty.

And persistant! I like how at the end of the video she politly asks you to get that pesky second hand for her-haha.

I know how much she is missed. Hugs.

Debbi said...

Oh Cybil is a lovely cat...she looks just like the cat we had and her name was "Whitey." It was Ed's mom's cat but when she passed away, we took care of her 2 cats and Cybil looks just like our Whitey. So white and pretty. :o)

Laura said...

Beautiful Cybil - so nice that you planted flowers in her memory. You'll have to do that every year for her!

Unknown said...

She is really one of the loveliest kitties I've ever seen. The video is wonderful Sharon. I know you miss your sweet girl every day.
Nancy and the fatties

jade said...

Beautiful and lovely cat!