Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School . . . Ugg!

It's that time of year. Time for the girls to go Back to School.

I can never figure out how 2 girls who are so anxious for Summer vacation to begin can be so excited to go back to class! It's not like they haven't seen their friends almost everyday since school let out in June.

So we pretty much did the shopping thing last week. Goodness knows why my younger daughter needs new clothes since her drawers are already over flowing! But it's a right of passage so we bought more. Since my older daughter will be a Sophomore in High School I finally had to give in to something I've been putting off for a couple years now . . .


Do you know how difficult it is to find the new Grey Uggs in a size 7? And by the way I now know why they're called UGGs, because as soon as I reached the cash register that's exactly what I said! Ugg! Of course Andria had to inform me that I wouldn't find them any cheaper any place else, and some of the girls at camp have 3 and 4 pairs of Uggs. Well la dee da!

Phineas is wishing he had UGGs of his own! In Grey!

Bonus: The box substitutes as a cat bed! Maybe they really were a bargain!

So besides jeans and maybe a new pair of flats for Andria, I think we've pretty much got Back to School covered. At least until I go back to work. Here is a little preview of MY Back to School project for Andria in the next couple days:

Wish me luck!


Laura said...

I say Ugg to YOUR back to school project - won't that be fun? Have you ever used foils? You need someone to video tape your project! I've never owned the other UGGs but here they are so comfortable. I think they look ridiculous in the summer but some girls wear them all year long!

Unknown said...

Oh, Uggs, in brown no less, they are so cute. It's funny, California girls wear these constantly all the time, too, with shorts even. I guess you never know when a big ole snowstorm will break out over Laguna Beach...

A New England Life said...

Hi Ladies!
No, I've never used foils and it was pretty messy! I took pictures! Andria thinks it looks kind of trashy looking right now but I think once she adds the colors it will be fine.

Andria has been asking to wear her UGGs already and it's been in the 80's. She told me the same thing . . . girls wear them with shorts all the time. Guess it's no different than me wearing hiking boots with shorts at 17.

Snow storm at Laguna beach, lol!

Kim said...

I like the UGGs - and thinking of getting a pair myself - I'm thinking they will make me look younger - and hey, I'll pay any price for that!!

thanks for stopping by my blog!!

A New England Life said...

I have to say Kim, after sinking my own feet into my daughters UGGs, they are quite cozy and comfy. More so than I expected! Maybe Santa will bring a pair for Mom this year ; )

Saucy said...

I used the manic-panic stuff on Loopy once. Usually we let our BFF/stylist Andrew do these things but she wanted purple and we were in a hotel room and so I gave it a whirl and it looked great! It lasted long too. Make sure you wear gloves, love!