Monday, August 11, 2008

Fresh Cut Lilies

Lilies: By far one of my all time favorite flowers! Especially the sweet smelling Lilies like Stargazer. We had them at our Wedding, and when both my daughters were born my husband gave them to me in the hospital. I remember the nurse asking if I wanted them removed because they smelled so strong. "No, I love it!" was my answer. The more they smell, the more I like them. Kind of like Peonies.

Yes, this picture is in my main bathroom.
These will be the last I see of garden cut Lilies until next Summer


Unknown said...

Sharon, these are almost too beautiful. I adore stargazers, they are my favorite for watercolors and their fragrance is amazing. thank you for sharing!!!

Laura said...

I see you have flowers in your bathroom - LOL!

A New England Life said...

I wish they could bottle the fragrance somehow!

And yes, even if only temporarily, I had fresh flowers in the bathroom : )

I like your new icon Laura!


Jenn: said...

I am a huge lily fan too. That is why I decided to try to branch out into the flower world and grow them this year.

I always oved the giant white Casablanca lilies, but I agree with you: its the smell that makes them so wonderful!