Monday, August 25, 2008

A Hairy Experience! (Preview)

Well I did it. I bleached out Andria's hair. My gosh I was SO nervous! The foils were not easy to work with either, but I think with a little practice I could get the hang of it.
Below are a couple 'before' shots. Sorry but some of them seem to be slightly blurry. Tomorrow will be the BIG REVEAL of how it actually looked in the end . . . with and without color! Stay tuned!

Doesn't her hair looks so nice and healthy? Her dad thought so too. I can tell he is a little disappointed in her choice, but it will grow. It always does.

The foils look more like tin foil BALLS on her head! lol! Some of it I just put the bleach on without foils. The box of Manic Panic FLASHLIGHTENING doesn't call for foils so either way it really doesn't matter. I just thought it might make it easier to keep the bleach from tainting the hair around it. Yes, it was messy but in the end that's the look she was going for. Big chunky bleached out highlights. Nothing too refined.

Oh my Gosh! What have I done???

And a gratuitous shot of her dad back when he had bleached out hair too! Of course he was about 20 or 21 years old in this photo, not 15. Damn he was HOT!!! No wonder I married him! : )

See you tomorrow!


Laura said...

Damn, he was hot. And he wouldn't have had to shave his chest if he needed electrodes put on him! I can't wait to see the finished result. Remember Sun-In? I did that to my hair - what a disaster!

Laura said...

Oooh, I'm lovin' that cute kitty print behind Andria!

That tan body, and he brings you flowers?

A New England Life said...

He does have a little more hair on his chest now, but not a lot. Sun-In . . . can you believe they still sell that stuff?

Here is a link to the picture:
It's called Here Kitty Kitty. I bought it at a print shop years ago for about $10-15 and then framed it myself. I still love it and it goes perfectly with the main bathroom!

Saucy said...

They love those big chunky highlights!! I remember Sun-In! Ah, the memories.

They did an all-over bleach on Loopy's hair for the photo shoot this weekend, my heart was racing a little bit. As my mother says "it's only hair, it always grows back"... can't wait to see the reveal of this do!

Beth at Aunties said...

LOL! We had a similar weekend!
Andria will look beautiful and I think the blonds chunks will be darling on her!
I am a stylist...and Kate and I went to a nearby beauty school to have weaves and haircuts. Kate's turned out great ...well what I have left to work with is laughable. I decided for the $80.00 they wanted to color a small mohawk section on the top I would go get my own products and do it myself:) I am glad I too know it WILL grow back.
I agree, your man is a keeper! Isn't great we picked the best at first and they are still hangin around. We are the lucky ones.
Have a wonderful day Sharon and I can't wait to see the finished product. Her haircut is awesome.
(mine is all

sillygrrl said...

You are one awesome mom! My mom hatted when I wanted to experiment or discover myself, so I always did it behind her back. Red was a favorite! And it looked good after a few months too because it turned strawberry blonde on me. But the funnest was when I went black! LOL, my mom called me Morticia for a while...ah the memories.

sillygrrl said...

Oups forgot! Im excited for the big reveal! I already like it!

A New England Life said...

It's so funny how all women have a hair story. No matter who you talk too. I still remember my horrendous hair cut from 3rd grade! Picture Florence Henderson's shag from the Brady Bunch ... bowl cut on top with little whispies hanging down. It was BAD!

Never would I have had the guts as a teenager to bleach mine, ever! Loopy's hair looked fine in the photo's so hopefully they didn't lighten it too much, but I'd be a little nervous too. Her hair is already naturally gorgeous!

Andria did a 6 week temporary black color on her hair and it never came out! It's just about gone now, over a year later. I'm thinking about red highlights for myself.

Beth, I may have to contact you for pointers ; )

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much for commenting on my blog and I'm really enjoying checking out yours. As for the Naked Cowboy, he was in SF because his girlfriend was...I think I have this right...competing in some kind of dancing thing? Whatever the reason, it saved me hunting him down in NYC the following week :-)

Unknown said...

ok when is the big reveal Sharon???
Do you remember henna? EWww the smell...

A New England Life said...

I'm sorry ladies to be so late in the 'reveal'. My mom was sick today so I had to help her out.

I'll get to it right now : )

Jenn: said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!! Sexy hubby, Sharon! Way to go!!

He looks like the frontrunner for the boyband craze1