Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Hairy Experience: The Reveal!

And here she is. The new, and not necessarily improved, but quite colorful daughter of mine!

Putting the dye on with the brush from the bleach kit was the way to go! Isn't it pretty?!

The pink could stand to be a little more saturated because she didn't leave it on long enough, but she can always add more dye at any time to make it darker. I've left it up to her what she wants to do.

Wild, huh? And perhaps a bit cheesy, but she's 15 and it's okay. The colors suit her unique personality and sense of style. Andria's a funky girl, no doubt about it.

What do you think? A bit much? Over the top? She LOVES it! Her dad says she'll never get a job.

Doesn't her hair look nice with just the blond? Andria almost decided not to add color to it. I told her she could always add color to it and then let it wash out if she wants to, just leaving the blond. This was one of those self portrait Facebook photo's ... you know the kind .... pouty and brooding ... they all pretty much look the same.

Speaking of over the top . . .while we were at the Mall yesterday I was amazed how many young women I saw with facial piercings. It was almost horrifying! Have you see these fairly new piercings? Of course you have. You just may not have realized how they were held onto the skin. One young woman I saw yesterday had 2 of them on the top of her cheek bone, just below her eye. What was she thinking??? So after seeing all that, I can deal with a little pink and purple in my own daughters hair.


Laura said...

Wow - I think it looks nice with just the blonde, but of course, pink and purple are so 15 years old! I'd take that any day over those disgusting piercings - ouch! Talk about not being able to get a job!

Unknown said...

Wow Sharon, you did an amazing job. I bet she is thrilled and all the girls were envious. It looks awesome! Um, I believe on the West Coast, tattoos, stripey hair and facial piercings are a job requirement at most coffee shops and bookstores...

Jenn: said...

Wow! Her hair looks fantastic without the dye. Great job!!

The fun dye is a great way to go back to school though. Like you said-it grows out.

And those facial piercings look painful! But I still think the lip ones bother me most. My sis in law has one, and I can't talk to her when it is in. It's like talking to someone with a fly crawing around their mouth-ick!

A New England Life said...

I think Andria really likes her hair best without the dye as well. She and I touched up the colors again last night though for the first day of school today. She was very interested to hear what you ladies had to say about it!

Jenn, I agree with you! It's gross and hard not to stare at all those piercings. I have to tell you, Andria pierced her lip this past Spring by herself. Needless to say we took her straight to the doctors for a tetanus shot that afternoon, and grounded her! She hasn't done it since. And she better not do it again! However, she can't wait to get a tatoo *sigh*

sillygrrl said...

I love the results! Makes me want to do something funky to myself now! Tell Andria she looks awesome!

Ah come on ladies, every generation has their thing! I have had my eyebrow pierced for over 14 years now. I had two at one time in the same brow. I wanted my top lip pierced back then but did not trust the jewelery. And as for tattoos, the right ones in the right places are sexy! I also love full color back and arm tattoos. (Sharon, I can hear you now: 'I am not letting you meet my daughter' LOL)

Beth at Aunties said...

Where have I been? I have been been waiting to see Andria's results and Sharon you did a superb job.
I think her colored hair looks so sassy and fun! It is so colorful and pretty and she will have a color in her hair that will go with most everything!
I know my dad loved my hair purple and blond sections best of all when I was a teenager. I laughed at her dad's comment!
She is a beautiful girl and hope she has an awesome year at school.
Oh by the way, I agree about the kids piercing. I just don't get it...
Have a great day! Beth

A New England Life said...

A little piercing isn't bad but some of these girls faces look like pin cushions! Eyebrows, noses, lips, tongues, ear bars ... and that's on just one person. And then they probably wonder why people stare. I don't know, maybe I'm just too conservative. Don't worry though, I won't hold your piercings against you ; ) Or you tatoo's. I do love Rihanna's tatoos! Very cute and not overdone.

Beth, you had purple hair? Are you sure? lol! I'm trying to put a few highlights in my own hair this morning. We shall see if they take this time!

And btw, Andria's friends at school loved her hair : )

Lindell said...

What great hair! but more importantly, what a great mom! You not only supported her but you HELPED. Not many moms would have assisted in purple hair dying, kudos!

A New England Life said...

Thanks Ashley. Now if only SHE would see it that way!

Beth at Aunties said...

Yes, Sharon, I had what was called back then while in beauty school, 2D coloring while in beauty School. The crown was bleached almost a white blond and then the bottom was a purple color. We wore huge round curls on top. My dad said the color brightened his day. It was around 1970:) But then my color changed very often.
I was thinking this morning what a grown up transformation Andria had from the 15 year old picture on the pier while shopping to her pose for face book after her new do! lol
I thought it was cute that my wonderful 'Ashley Flashy' found you... She knows fashion as a 2nd time beauty queen winner and a acclaimed wonderful musical talent in this area on the stage. I claim her as practically, another daughter as she was raised next door.
Have a grand day... I still love the color and colorful people have more fun... (sorry my comments are so..too long!)

nikkicrumpet said...

Ahhhh sweet youth. Ya gotta love em. I raised two daughters...and through their teenage years I did an awful lot of "head shaking" Once they graduated and went off to college, and I couldn't control what they did to themselves...they both went out and got tattoos. And my oldest daughter got her tongue pierced 3 times and her nose and cheek pierced...ARRRGH! She is going to Law School and does have a good job...they just make her remove the piercings while she's working. So be happy it's only colored hair LOL! She's a beautiful girl..so she can pull it off!