Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shopping with a 15 year old

This past week-end our family went to Portsmouth to view the Tall Ships. So did everyone else.

While Elise was quite interested in taking the tours (fighting the crowds and tollerating the heat) with her dad and my in-laws, Andria, the 15 year old, thought this was the epitomy of 'boring'. She and I headed into to town to do a little shopping instead of shipping.

She's the shadow with the odd hair.

We were able to stop just long enough to take some beautiful pictures of each other! Can't you see how happy she is? Oh to be 15 again and hanging out with my mom . . .

And this is the view I had of Andria as we strolled the cobbled streets of Portsmouth, browsing the shops. Nice, huh? Yup, she loves to hang with her cool mom. Who wouldn't?

Somewhat reminiscent of our NYC trip this past Spring . . .

Finally we stopped at the Odd Showroom long enough for me to catch my breath and nurse the blister on my little toe. Good thing she had her own money since all they sold were used clothing at a hugely inflated price (as is all of Portsmouth). I did love the paintings they had though. Andria found a skirt from the 80's (that even I wouldn't have worn) for only $5. It's destined to sit in her closet until the next 80's roll around. Isn't the sign adorable? I want eye's like that!

And then there's Elise. Always ready for a photo op. Glued to my side. Talking my ear off. Enjoying the tall ships : )


Beth at Aunties said...

I saw the title of your post on my blog and started to laugh. Oh my, aren't they strange and wonderful at that age? It is a good thing they do become normal again.
She is very cute! You looked very nice in your picture. Sorry about your baby toe:{ (sometimes I pre-wrap my baby toe as it too gets that malady, with a band-aid to prevent that from happening)
New England just gets better and better. The ships were facinating and majestic.

Unknown said...

Sharon, this was a great post. Brings back memories of my mom with us four girls growing up...oh how embarrassed we were to be near her in public when we were teens....

Laura said...

Love her Love bag! I'd probably go for shopping over shipping too!

Beth at Aunties said...

I tried doing a new post on our blog to see if it would change the blog list and the post name on several of the blogs I view... It was to no avail. So since it says on all of them I am shpping with my fifteen year old don't you feel that now I deserve a beautiful new fifteen year old at our home... to go shopping with me:) Would she like to move to the hot dry desert where she won't be able to smell the beautiful ocean air or see majestic ships and shop at resorts. We do have malls! And I am certainly a bit older than you... Gosh she would have a grandma to go with her!
Blogger is having a slight problem;] I hope they get it worked out soon:)
Perplexed, Beth

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Awww...this is so sweet!