Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where's the Glory?

It's been 51 days since I planted the seeds: 'Morning Glory: Giant, Mixed Colors'. Since then there have been a lot of Mornings, but no Glory. At this point I'm wondering if my Morning Glories will EVER bloom. And look at the foliage!

Wanna hear the kicker? The packages says, ' If lush growth but no flowers, stop watering.'

I stopped watering, but Mother Nature has other ideas. In July alone we had 18 days of rain. So far this month we have seen rain 11 of the last 12 days, with much of the state being under a flood watch most of those days. Many New England businesses and students depend on tourism for a healthy income. It seems to be the Summer that wasn't. Yes, I know I'm whining. Currently I'm following an auction for an SAD light on Ebay.

Also in the picture are rather sparse first year Day Lilies

I couldn't post just bad news. Below are a few pictures I managed to take on Sunday while the sun was actually shining!
The Blue Hydrangaes have changed over to their fall colors, though I can't recall the flowers on this particular Hydrangea ever turning white before.

And finally, a Moment of Inspiration: One of several late summer buds ready to bloom on the Wisteria!


Beth at Aunties said...

Sharon, I'd whine also. The foliage is very pretty though and the wisteria bud is awesome. We are so dry here in the west. I would love some of your rain so our tomatoes would grow and produce. We are usually practically gourging ourselves with fresh tomatoes and salsa and can't even get any of the measly 13 tomatoes on our 8 plants to turn red. Thanks for the lovely photos of beautiful New England.

Laura said...

I agree that the wisteria bud is beautiful! I think the rain is responsible for washing out the color on the hydrangea! Do you have weeds? I've never seen a weed.

Saucy said...

You and I are opposite-gardeners.

1. I hate morning glories, if I never see one again, it would be too soon. This, I don't know why. Who on earth could HATE a flower?

2. My day lilies about... too many of them, they're taking over. You just wait. You'll curse them.

3. Hydrangeas! Darn. I want to grow those so badly, but not up here, nor wisteria. I'll just have to live through you.

A New England Life said...

Beth, you can have our rain! For now it seems to have subsided. aahhh ...

Laura, weeds are forbidden in my gardens. They all grow next door.

Saucy, why don't you tell me how you really feel? ; )

This is my first time ever growing the Glory and possibly my last. Now you have me thinking about other vining plants.
At some point I imagine I'll have to move the Day Lilies to a more open spot, but for now I'm up for anything that is low maintanance, easy to grow, and fills the spot. Thanks for stopping by!