Sunday, September 28, 2008

Early Fall Pictures

One of the things I always notice in the fall are yellow or gold painted houses. Therefore I've included just a few pictures of some colonial homes in those colors. One day, mark my words, I will have a yellow house with white trim, black front door, and black shutters. I'd paint this house yellow but I'm just not sure it would look good with the siding we have. At least I have black shutters and a black front door. And I love them!

This home is an absolutely gorgeous restored colonial in Lee, NH. It has to be my favorite of the following three.

The next two homes are located in South Berwick, Maine. I had to photograph them while I was driving because there wasn't any place to pull over, hence the car door

As my husband and I were driving through the center of Lee, NH we saw this great front porch display! Every year the people who live here do something similar and it always looks wonderful.

Here's a great little roadside stand selling Mums: $4.50 each or 3/$12.00. I thought that was a pretty good deal. They had some pink Mums that I loved but we really didn't need them so we kept going.

Just down the road a piece was this lovely lady and all her friends!

And there's the lucky fella in the background that gets to hang out with all the ladies

Next we took a turn onto Wiswall Road, which by the way has a great Antique shop! I wish I'd taken a picture of it but maybe another time. Within a mile or two we came across this bridge. Neither of us remembered seeing it before but it's obviously been here a while. Look at the wood surface and colored iron work! There's only room enough for 1 car at a time so you better slow down.

Looking downstream, in the distance there were two guys fly fishing. You might be able to see them, I'm not sure. It was a gorgeous day and the reflection was beautiful on the water. Yes, that is a small water fall in front of the first fly fisherman.

Looking upstream


Beth at Aunties said...

I enjoyed your Fall looking post this morning and drive through New England!
I love colonial homes and can't wait to see them this week. There is something about the east and also the southern part of the country which have the best colonial homes. Also Quincy ILL has a district of gorgeous colonials.
I can picture the house painted yellow with black door and shutters. Our door is also black and I love it's rich tone.
Have a good week and I hope this past one was better for you than last. We had a few kinks last week but look forward to a much better one this week.

A New England Life said...

I can't believe it's time for your trip already! I hope you have a wonderful time back East. Hopefully you found a great beach to go visit as well : )

Can't wait to see pictures!

This past week was better, just very busy. Looks like most of them will be in the near future. I'll do my best to keep up!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

A lovely one Sharon. Those houses are really beautiful. It is good to have our day I am sure they will come true. :)

Laura said...

Love the new page look, Sharon! Great job. And the houses are fall pictures are so beautiful. I'll bet your fall landscapes are just gorgeous. We haven't seen too many leaves turning yet, but hopefully soon!

A New England Life said...

Thank you Laura! I'm messing around with the background because this one just isn't striking my fancy.

The leaves are turning pretty quickly here now, though our area isn't even close to peak yet.

nikkicrumpet said...

What a beautiful fall post. You take such gorgeous pictures. I love the yellow colonials. I swear that second one looks just like a good friend of mines house, but I guess those old colonials are pretty common here! The fall colors are just starting to come's the one time of year I truly feel like a New Englander!

Jenn: said...

You look like a movie star in that last photo!

The looking upstream photo is my favorite! I love trees and photos of trees are so beautiful.

ADOPT! ADOPT! ADOPT! I sure did!--Here here!

Adventure girl said...

OMG! Sharon! I really, really love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I will be back.
I am adding you to my blog roll! Check out where I put you~hehehehe

A New England Life said...

SAPhotographs: Somehow I doubt they have colonials in Africa ; )

Adventure girl: Thanks for stopping by! That's quite the compliment you gave me on your page ... not sure I'm worthy though

Jenn: Movie star ... look who's talking! You with that gorgeous red hair!

NC: Fall in New England is so beautiful, I just hate to think of what comes next : (