Monday, September 8, 2008

Front Porch Pictures

Yesterday afternoon we went over to mom's to visit with my Aunt Sandi one more time before she flies back to her home in Florida this morning. Since Mom was feeling pretty good (though not really smiling), and it was our Anniversary, I thought we would take a few pictures.

Because of Aunt Sandi's health and age, somehow I doubt she will ever make it back to NH. And what an awful final visit, with my mom being sick and in the hospital the majority of the time. I think they have at least enjoyed the last couple days together.

As for Brent and I, it was a low key day. We didn't celebrate in any special way but that's alright. At least we had the day together. Brent remarked at 6:05 PM how 17 years ago at that very moment he was standing at the alter wondering if I would ever show up.

I did : )


Laura said...

What a beautiful front porch - I love porches! Nice that you could spend the day with family! Love the song!

Unknown said...

These are great pictures, Sharon. All that's missing a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade with the glasses sitting on little doilies...

Sals said...

I LOVE these verandah/porch photos...I love houses like this! Hope to be able to visit New England one day!