Friday, September 5, 2008

Home at Last!

As some of you may know, my mom has been very sick recently. On Sunday night my dad and I ended up bringing her to the ER. She was terribly dehydrated and seemed to be going down hill with her undiagnosed illness instead of getting better, so the doctor on staff recommended she be admitted. Last night, after 4 days, she was finally able to GO HOME! Her discharge was against doctors recommendations, but she couldn't stand it there any longer, and I was sick of listening to her complain. lol! Her primary care physician will be monitoring her on a regular basis, including today.

When I called yesterday morning to tell her I was on my way to visit, and find out how her daily tests had gone, she said she was patting a puppy dog. I asked, "Where are you???" she replied, "At the hospital" Someone had brought in an English Cocker Spaniel therapy dog and she was loving every minute of it since she's a dog loving person.
Unfortunately I arrived to late to meet the first dog but there were 2 women walking by her room with a Golden Retriever so I asked them if they would mind coming in to visit since he (Jake/Jakers) looked so much like the Kimo, the dog my mom and dad used to have before he passed away a couple years ago. As you can see my mother was very happy to see him. The women and the dog stayed for quite a while just chatting it up! After they left both of us agreed Jakers definitely needed a bath! She said the Cocker Spaniel that had come in earlier was very soft and clean, no smell. Still Jake was such a love, though very exhausted after his long morning of therapy with patients.
Below is a picture of the beautiful fireplace in the lobby of Wentworth Douglas Hospital. I sat there using my laptop on Monday afternoon for a while, trying to warm up because the hospital was so cold! Did you know hospitals have wireless now???

This isn't the greatest picture but it's the gorgeous atrium window when you first walk into the lobby. It's literally like walking into a Grand Hotel! I've been in 4 hospitals since this Spring and this is by far the nicest! It's also the hospital where my dad, I, my brothers, and my older daughter were born, but that was a looong time ago. At least long before it looked like this!

Check out the incredible 3 story Granite waterfall just behind the front desk and lounge. On the backside of the waterfall is the fireplace area.

I am hopeful my mom won't have to be re-admitted to the hospital but I wouldn't be surprised. She has a swollen Liver with elevated enzymes (Hepatitis) and a high white blood cell count (in her liver). Should she start to show signs of liver failure she will need to get to the hospital immediately! More than anything she was happy to be home. I too needed to get back to my normal schedule.

The staff at the hospital were outstanding! Even mom couldn't complain.


Laura said...

What a precious doggie! Keeping your Mom in my thoughts, and hoping they get this under control soon! I know you must be exhausted - sitting around a hospital and waiting is the worst!

Debbi said...

That's a nice photo of your mom with the handsome fella. She looks so happy and I hope she will be feeling much better soon. My uncle is being tested for that as well.
Also, that hospital does look like a grand hotel. I love that rock with the waterfall.

Hugs to ya!

Unknown said...

Sharon, your mother has a smile that lights up the room on her face. I hope she is better soon. You are such a good daughter.
n and the pees

Jenn: said...

What a beautiful hospital! That water fall looks so relaxing.

I hope your mom does not have to go back any time soon.

I knew a family who had a bunch of dogs they used for therapy. The dogs love it as much as the patients!

Beth at Aunties said...

What a sweet mom? She is beautiful. I am so sorry she has been so ill and wish her a speedy recovery. Dogs are just wonderful! I am glad they have the service to help the patients.
Hospitals are really draining on everyone, and I am glad she is home for all of your sakes. It was a beautiful hospital though:) Hope all is well now and she can regain her strength.