Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Laughing Crow Farm

Isn't that a great name for a Farm Stand? And this one is a gem!

What an incredible handmade sign! The man who owns the Farm Stand told Brent and I his girlfriend made it with old pieces of metal and then painted the letters different colors. We just thought the sign and work that went into it was incredible!

Another unusual piece of artwork though I'm not sure who made it. I'm suspecting the girlfriend again though.

There were certainly plenty of items to choose from! After we left and I looked back at this picture, I wondered why we hadn't bought some apples at $1.30 a pound.

The Farm Stand mascot. He's not real ya know ; )

Everywhere you look there's more handmade art. My younger daughter would have loved this Penguin! She is a big fan of the black and white cuties.
I noticed the red water bowl sitting there with fresh water still in it but never did see a dog.

Just look at this old scale! Wonder what it was ever used for? Meat would be my guess.

I loved this center piece. See how the iron forms a pumpkin shape? Everywhere you look in this little stand is more 'stuff'!

Check out this Crows sign. It has a price of $85 for the handmade Birdhouses, coming up next!

You're thinking, "$85 for a Bird House?" All of the house's were made from recycled materials and hand painted. And that takes a lot of time! This one with the Crow was my favorite!

I think my husband liked the one with the Sheep and that's why I took a picture of it. There were plenty of other with different designs. All of them hung well out of reach so that no one could steal them. Especially since they sometimes have to rely on the Honor System.

Oh my gosh . . . these Coconut Macaroons were to die for! The woman who waited on us had made them and said they were quite good. Believe me, she wasn't lying. They were outstanding! Far better than I had anticipated! Oh just the thought of them . . .

The Laughing Crow Farm is located in Newfields, NH, and the Newfields General Store, about 1/2 mile away, is basically downtown. Don't blink or you might miss it. If there's something you want, including excellent homemade food, they probably have it! My daughter and her girl friends used to go there all the time.

Last but not least, another gorgeous yellow Colonial. I'm searching them out and everytime I find one I'm going to take a picture and post it.


Alyson | New England Living said...

I love it! So New England! I also try to stop at every cute farm stand I see around here. It's amazing how creative people can be!

Laura said...

Don't you love those farm stands - so quaint! I think I like the paler yellow houses better than those deep gold ones. I do love a red front door!

Mary said...

Oh, I love New England! That farm stand is so wonderful, and I love those bird houses. :)

Unknown said...

Sharon, you just step out your front door and find these amazing places to visit. That's it. I'm packing my bags. I have a friend who lives there with a pug named Winna. I bet she wouldn't mind if I moved in with three fatties who shed all the time. :)

nikkicrumpet said...

What a gem of a place! I liked the sheep birdhouse too! And I'd be happy to eat a couple of those macaroons!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a lovely place Sharon. I do like that sign. I am not in the least artistic and admire those who are.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Awesome! I love places like this and the photos you took there are great. Looks like a treasure trove of things to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Nice yellow colonial... think I'll move in tomorrow!