Friday, October 17, 2008

More Fall In New England

I love, love, love this house! It's absolutely adorable! The only thing I don't like about it is that it sits right on main street. Besides that it's perfect! I can only hope it's as cute on the inside as it is on the outside.


The girls and I went on a little nature walk together. When we found an old picnic table I had them lay on it so I could take their picture. When Elise first sat on the top, it almost fell over! Needless to say the table as seen better days and it's well weathered. Instead they both climbed on at the same time so it wouldn't tip. Love this picture! Just look at those blue eyes! They didn't get them from me or their father. Yup, it was the grandparents.
A & E

Funny how they didn't even realize they were holding their hands the same way until AFTER we viewed the picture. Andria sure has a strong affinity for that hat of hers!

Another view of those gorgeous Hydrangea's from the previous post. Gorgeous old Hydrangae

I'm thinking I need to print one of the pictures to frame and hang in my bathroom.

Our local farmstand has plenty of pumpkins to go around! They made a wonderful display incorporating oodles of corn stalks that begged to have somone photograph the moment.

Pumpkin Stacks

More pumpkins at the ready in case you can't find the perfect one ; )

Pumpkin Bins

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin to appear!
A plethera of Pumpkins!

I thought this scene was so pretty. It's the end of the road, literally.

Fall Foliage

One more beautiful Hydrangea, only this one is a tree. Wish it were mine!
Tree Hydrangea

Cattails letting themselves go at the end of the season

Catnine tails

Catnine tails

I'd say this house if fairly old as are most houses on this street, but what I really love about it is the flowers growing on the fence. Perfectly New England.

Beautiful garden


Laura said...

I love that first house too, Sharon! You sure can tell the girls are sisters - what beautiful eyes! And some days don't you feel just like that exploding cat tail?! LOL!

A New England Life said...

I had hoped you could click on the pictures to enlarge them since I uploaded them from Flickr, but unfortunately it's not working. Trying to have larger pictures just isn't working out for me. GRrrrrr ....

So yea, I guess I feel like one of those cat tails right about now! lol!

Alyson | New England Living said...

Loved this post. Your girls are so sweet together. Are they really close in age?

I didn't even know that cail tails did that!

A New England Life said...

Alyson, the girls are just under 3 years apart. 12 and 15. A perfect span ; )

I remember being a kid and ripping the cattails apart thinking it was so neat! Just like we did with Milkweed.

Kristens Creations said...

I love that house it's so cute! Your girls are beautiful and that hydrangea tree is amazing! I've never seen one before,I've only seen a bush. Your pics are great. New England looks like it's a beautiful place to live. Kristen

Kathryn Costa said...

You've captured charming New England. Where are you in New England? I'm in New Hampshire.

I followed you here from Miss Vanessa's amazing Halloween bash.

Be sure to swing by my place for I have some brain tonic and three witches brew for you! Vincent Price is waiting patiently for you to arrive to begin his story. I do hope to see you soon!

Happy early Halloween.

A New England Life said...

Hi Kristen and Kathryn! Thank you for stoping by my blog!

Kathryn, I'm in the Exeter area. You and I sure aren't far apart! It's been fun to meet up with other bloggers in New England : )

Rae said...

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers! The hydrangea trees are just amazing. I too wish I had one. Your pictures are fabulous! I'm partial to the old cape cod style house. I love their simplistic look.

Steve Borichevsky said...

These are great New England shots. The houses, the pumkins, the where but here!

A New England Life said...

Thank you Rae and Steve. As you said Steve, no where but here.
However, I could take a Palm tree every now and then ; )

Kathie Brown said...

Perfect Photos of perfect New England scenes! Your blog is well named!

Anonymous said...

Wow, i just can't get enough of your blogposts - each one is more spectacular than the next! You truly have a photographer's eye! Your girls are beautiful!...Donna

A New England Life said...

Kathie and Donna, So glad you liked the photos! Thank you : )

Debbi said...

Such lovely photos, Sharon. Great color! I love the one of you and Brent all decked out for Halloween too! lol

Unknown said...

Wow, look at those red flowers on that gray fence, I feel my painty fingers itching! Wonderful photos, Sharon.

Jenn: said...

I love the picture of the trees at the end of the road! I wish we had Fall here. I think we are going to skip it and go directly to a mild winter. You make me miss the East Coast!

That is so funny how both girls had their hands the same way. True Sisters!