Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mute Swan

In a town not far from us, there are several pairs of Mute Swans that reside in local ponds Spring, Summer, and Fall. The most popular of the pairs reside at Mill Pond and are well taken care of by the town. Everyone knows about them and many people visit on a regular basis to take in the view.

Several years ago the town of Durham, NH finally erected signs asking people NOT to feed the Wildlife that live in the pond. Apparently the bread and other food they throw into the water cause the pond to grow unhealthy bacteria. Instead there are designated workers to come feed the Swans and Ducks a more healthy diet.

Normally there are a pair of Mute Swans located in Mill Pond as there has been for years. Unfortunately along the way some of them have died in nearby power lines or by the hand of some cruel teenagers. Right now there is only one. I've tried to find out what happened to the second Swan, without any luck. This one Swan will eventually find a mate, return to Mill Pond in the Spring, and again build a nest in the hopes of raising a family.

And in case you didn't know ... Swans may look gorgeous, graceful, and elegant, but in the event they feel threatened you better back off because they will attack. Racing up to you, wrapping their wings around your body and beating on you! Yikes! No love from the Swans I tell you! Especially when there are Cygnets in the area.

And far from the beauty of a Swan ...

I can't lie, I'm not a bug person. Even though this is just a harmless Squash Bug, he still freaks me out! BUT, my friend Joan over on South African Photographs seems to have a soft spot for bugs and critters so I figured I post one just for her enjoyment ; )

Isn't it lovely? A gorgeous specimen : /


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I LOVE your bug Sharon!! Thanks for thinking of me and sharing!! LOL!!

I LOVE your swans too but I wish people will realize what they are actually doing to wildlife when they feed them. Yes, I agree it is always with the best intentions but sadly, there are always repercussions.

nikkicrumpet said...

The swan....GORGEOUS...the bug...not so much! We had a pair of swans on the lake we lived on when I first moved to MA...you'd go out there in your paddle boat and the little buggers would chase you around...it was scary because my old legs don't paddle that fast!

Laura said...

That bug didn't scare me half as much as your new banner photo - LOL! Swans do look pretty - I sure didn't know they could attack!

Alyson | New England Living said...

Interesting about the bread! I never knew that.

I'm sure it would be scary to have a swan attack you, but that visual made me laugh. I was just thinking about how that would look and it reminded me of something you'd see on a cartoon!

Steve Borichevsky said...

Bugs usually give me the heebie-jeebies. These little guys are quite cool. We had these where in Colorado. They were quite friendly, not too pesky and easily handled.

Mary said...


Not being near major water, I haven't seen a swan in a year, so I loved these beautiful portraits of swans! Bravo!

We call that bug a Stink Bug. Common here, but I could do without them :o)


John Theberge said...

Great swan shots, I wish we had some here in Maine, they're a lovely bird.

Anonymous said...

Your swan photographs are incredible... it makes me so sad to think that a person could be responsible for the missing mate... I'm with you on the bugs! Yuck!...Donna

A New England Life said...

Glad everyone liked the Swan photos. I actually tried talking to it to see if it would puff up and make one of those ultimate Swan poses. No such luck. This was a laid back Swan.

Stink bugs ... yes, that's what we call them too, but I was trying to be proper. lol! Heinous looking but completely harmless.