Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Murder of Crows

I always loved that saying ... a Murder of Crows. Something about it just sounds so heinous, don't you think?



While out with Andria recently on a photo shoot (soon to be blogged about) I spied the Crows beginning to congregate in the far front corner of the cemetery we were in. Yes, we were in a cemetery for Andria's Self Portrait shoot. Anyway, as I looked up into the sky, more and more Crows kept coming in from all directions. An incredible sight to behold if you love birds like I do! Some people might be afraid of them as they bring back memories of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', but I remember watching the movie as a child and laughing at the absurdity of a flock of birds attacking people. And normally I was afraid of everything!


Andria wanted to go out in back of an old High School, that has in recent years been closed, to take a few more pictures. It was there I realized where all the Crows would be spending the night . . . on top of the building. Every so often something would spook them and they would fly up into the sky, caw-caw-cawing all the while, until they finally settled back down for a few minutes. Only to be startled again by something else. Most likely more Crows flying in to find a place to land. Jockeying for position.

In a quick moment as I looked up, a large amount of Crows all took off at once. If I didn't know better I would almost think they were Bats!

Andria took a photo at the same time as I did and here it is. Incredible, isn't it? Be forwarned, some of her stuff can be a little freaky!

I have to say, unlike my parents, who know the Crows habits inside and out, I am not a big Crow fan and never have been because I think they can be a bully in the bird world.
Several years ago I still remember waking up at 6 am to the sound of birds screaming in the backyard. I leaped out of bed to see what was going on, only to realize the Crows were stealing the Catbirds babies right out of their nest! Not only were the Catbirds upset but all the other birds were in a fuss too. We ran out to try to defend the nest but it was too late. They were all gone.
That day the mother and father Catbirds sat on the fence and cried all day long. How on earth could I ever like a bird that caused such needless pain? At the same time, I know it is part of the bird world. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.
By the way 'Murder' is a poet term. In all actuality Crows fly in flocks.


Laura said...

Very cool pics, Sharon! Love your new header too! I couldn't get to Andria's picture, but will try again. The bluebirds are nasty like the crows - disturbing others' nests. I hate nature when it is cruel!

Lisa Marie said...

we get hundred and hundreds of crows in are back woods every fall,,,it amazes me to watch them fly in.. great photos, hugs, lisa

Anonymous said...

Sharon!!! You take the most beautiful pics! Andria's pic was awesome!!! :)

How was your weekend? I hope it was nice! My weekend ok... it just went by too fast!

Talk to you soon my friend,

A New England Life said...

Thank you Ladies : )

I changed the header a bit Laura because Brent said he couldn't really see the Geese. They are still in the distance but a bit closer. Hopefully you were able to access Andria's picture! I've tried it on both of our computers and had no problem either time.

I never knew that about Bluebirds. One thing is for sure, they are a lot prettier than Crows!

Hi Lisa! Hi Donna! I've had a nice relaxing week-end. This morning I drove around to take some pictures. My new header happened to be one of them. It was a wonderful way to start the day. Hope you all have had a nice week-end too!


Kim said...

Once again, great photos. I can't get over the number of crows in the last picture!

I am a fan of crows as I admire their intellect and loyalty to their families but would probably change my own mind if something that tragic happened in my own back yard. It would break my heart to hear the parents crying for their babies the way those catbirds did.

Totally off topic here but I wanted to tell you that I love all of your adopted pets! I am a huge fan of adopting pets from shelters and own quite a few furbabies myself. I have 6 indoor cats that were once feral living across the street from me in the woods. I knew they wouldn't survive the winter over there so I trapped them, got them their vet care and they are now mine. It took me a year to get the kittens to trust me, but now they run to the door whenever I come home. They are now very happy to be indoors all day where it is warm and they have a reliable food source.

It's nice to see others out there who take in the unwanted. It makes the world a better place IMO.

BTW: Thanks for the visit to my blog and your comments.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Hi Sharon, Just so happens, I saw a murder myself today. Not as big as yours and Andria's. Sometimes they all come together to mob an owl. As you pointed out, they know about bigger birds taking their chicks. Very interesting post.

nikkicrumpet said...

Great pictures...not a fan of crows or Blue Jays...they both drive my other birds totally crazy....and they are both big old mean bullies!

Saucy said...

I still think "murder" sounds cooler than "flock" so I'm going to stick with it! I love it when they're all together like that - very Tippi Hedren!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I don't think I will ever think of crows other than in association with Alfred Hitchcock. Even after all these years it is a film I will always remember. They can make the most awful racket then they get together like this and some of our people are most superstitious about them too

Helena said...

You've got some fantastic photos on your blog. I love the autumn colours on the trees. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love love love your photos and the fact that it's obvious that you enjoy taking them. This fellow East Coast state gal is bestowing a Kreative Blogger's award upon you and invites you to visit my blog and accept this award to show off on your blog page.

Di, The Blue Ridge Gal

Alyson | New England Living said...

Even without the term "murder", crows are still a creepy bird.

I love your pictures and I love your daughter's as well. She is very talented! You must have helped her learn.