Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beauty and the Beach in a different light

Which one do you like best?


Eve said...

Hi Sharon,
I like the first one best, but this is still very nice. What I would like to see in this one is the bird house a little more to the left. I've learned to work your photos with the "thirds rule". If you divide your photo into thirds both vertically and horizontally, place your subject in a place where these lines intersect. I think that would give a little life to this photo…and besides…I want to see more of those grasses!!! ;-)
Did you ask what kind of birds nest here?

A New England Life said...

I agree with you as far as the thirds rule and I try to hold to it. Unfortunately I took this photo at a different angle than the original and a spot light along with some wires could be seen in the grasses. Rather disappointing. I'll go back through some of the images and see what I can come up with but I think this one had the best background color.

Thank you Eve!


Laura said...

Sharon - I think it's fun to read what people notice the first. For me, it is the sky in this photo! In the first photo, I focused on the water first, and then the grasses. I sure didn't see any wires in that first picture. Even though the sky is beautiful, I like the first photo the best!

A New England Life said...

Thank you Laura. That's what I see first too, is the white birdhouse contrasting with the sky. But I understand that since it is a beach scene, being able to see some grass would definitely add more element to it ... soooo ... I just changed the picture.

Do either of you like the new one any better? The first one is my fave too : )


beth at aunties said...

Sharon~ I love the top picture with the beautiful sky contrasting with the water.

You know these are all UNEDUCATED thoughts... ha with that in mind... In the bottom picture I first saw the winter beauty with the snow on the sand with the beautiful Ocean in cold turmoil.
I have only enjoyed the Oceans was the warm sun on my back and never witnessed the Ocean winter scene.
Then I was facinated with the wonderful birdhouse:)
I went back asn looked at the grasses after a comment:)
I am glad you are learning so much with your hobby! You are getting so good!

Steve B said...

Do you know if they get Martins here?

Since you asked,I'm a fan of this photo. Sometimes rules are made to be broken. This one works better for me than the first. The first photo has a too much going on.

I like the angle better. It gives the photo more depth. It also leaves me with questions. Is that a bluff or a cliff? Is it rocky down there? I get to "wonder" and use my imagination a bit more.

A New England Life said...

I too love the color of this photo. Of course I'm partial to pink skies though. ; ) Believe me, being at the beach in the winter is not the most pleasurable experience. The cold wind seems to go right through you.

Hi Steve,
No, I don't believe any Martins live there. It appears to me to be mostly ornamental. The beach where it's located is very busy in the summer and the birdhouse is fairly close to two homes. I was looking out the slider to take the first picture. The second one I took from outside as I had just arrived to work and noticed the sky so I ran up between the homes and took several shots.

You should see the $2 million dollar 'guest' house attached to this beach beauty.

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon,

I like the one taken in the evening with the colors in the sky.

dAwN said...

I like them both..and would print them both and switch them out according to season..tee hee
both lovely

jfrancis said...

The second one has what the sea
is all about..........Life

Elaine said...

Ok, here's my two cents worth. Love them both. I prefer the one on this post becuase of the colorful sky, however, I love the snow on the birdhouse.

Kallen305 said...

I too love them both but like the first one best.

Julie said...

Hello, I just found you. I live in NH as well, very close to the coast am I. I like the top picture. It's rugged and beautiful at the same time. It gives such a feel for the weather and the time of day, the other picture is nice, in a calendar sort of way.

Donna said...

They're both so beautiful. I like the colors of the sky in this new one, and I think I like the other one overall the best. You could easily sell your lovely photos!

Michelle said...

Hi, thanks for offering to help! I think it looks okay now. It took me a couple hours to figure out how to put items in the sidebar and where to put the background code and such. It was hard finding a template. if you know any good sites for free templates let me know.

Mary said...

Do I have to decide between two perfect shots?

Well, my first wow came from the first one. I love it for the grasses and ocean in daytime.

But that pink sky tickles me.

My vote: Monday's photo.

Fragrant Liar said...

The old birdhouse and the sea.


Oliver Rain said...

I like them both. I agree that my eye went to two different places in the photos. The sky is definitely highlighted in this photo, whereas the birdhouse was more the focus in the previous photo. Plus this one seems very warm.

Shannon said...

They are both beautiful, the first brings me right to the beach at that moment in time. You can almost hear the crunch of the snow and smell the salty winter air :)

The White Bench said...

WOW!! I love both!
... And I am in love with New England, too! Definitely, a lucky 'find'!
Warmest wishes,

J.G. said...

The first one is "prettier" and the second one is "more interesting." They are both lovely!

Nancy and the fatties said...

I like the January 5 version, was that the question? ; )

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I really love this pic Sharon. WOW!! I see your mailbox is almost under snow. Poor you!!

Andrea said...

Stopped by via a comment on another blog...couldn't resist that gorgeous dog in your photo! Your animals are lovely and your photography is wonderful!! Enjoyed spending some time here today...nice to have found you. :)

The Cottage In The Curve said...

I like this top photo best. Love the sky behind it.

Kerri said...

I Like this shot best!!
Absolutely gorgeous!!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, you just don't ever take a bad photo! I love them both - but this one especially speaks to me! If I didn't already live in New England, I'd want to move here after reading your blog... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Carolynn said...


Does that answer your question? ;o)

IRENE said...

I very much like your pictures. I am stearing at them and I feel I could be lost in them.
This photo reminds me of 'Something's Gotta Give', the Keaton/Nicholson film that is one of my favorites ever.
I can breathe in the sea, the time, the light...Thank you, and congratulations.