Friday, January 23, 2009

A Bit Much?


3+ hours in the salon (arrrgghhh!)

$10 parking ticket (double arrrgghhh!)

15 degree day

All for this . . .

And she thinks I'm not a cool mom. Okay, so I wasn't exactly thrilled with the results. Alright, I was livid, okay? There, I said it. Now I don't even notice. As long as I didn't have to pay for it, and it's not permanent!

The next 'doo' she wants? Long all brown hair with short bangs. Who am I to argue?

; )

* Since this post I have re-colored the front of her hair back into a blondish-brown. She's done with the colors. Just when I was really getting used to this one too!


Anonymous said...

If I could go waaaay back and do my younger years over.. I would probably try the rainbow look... It's just so fun! Of course salon rates were much less then. As long as she's happy with it and it burned a hole in her pocket? and not yours... who cares. She is obviously an artsy fartsy girl and loves expressing herself... there are certainly other ways she could do that, like drugs and alcohol.. I'd rather have my daughter dip her head in a rainbow of paint colors.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Laura said...

I feel your pain, Sharon! $95???? - oh, my aching credit card! The only thing I'm crazy about are your curtains! I think the long brown hair with bangs will be great!

A New England Life said...

Ha haa! Even this was a bit much for Andria, I think that's why she's going back to brown. Or so she says. Brent called her Rainbow Fish.

The worst part is that some girls can be so cruel, but we've warned her many times what happens when you go against the grain and strive to be different. Her father went through a similar situation when he was younger. You have to be able to take the heat. I sure couldn't!

Andria is very artsy fartsy. She hopes to attend college in Boston or NYC. She'll fit right in.

Oh by the way, we went to the local beauty school. Had we gone to an actual salon it would have cost at least $150 or more! The stylist took pictures afterwards for her portfolio. lol!

Donna said...

Isn't she adorable!!! I wish I'd been more daring to try different hairstyles and colors when I was young! I have two girls - my oldest (23) plays it safe... my youngest (19) loves to experiment. She wanted to dye her hair purple a month before being a jr. bridesmaid for a wedding a few years ago.. I did say no to that, and she forgot about the purple... And then she wanted to get a Monroe piercing a week before a lead role in a high school play - I also said NO to that (in case her upper lip swelled and she couldn't talk right!)... However, she did get the Monroe right after the play... and then got tired of it and didn't want a 'hole' forever, so took it out within a month... Ahhh, to be young and carefree! ha ha... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Kim said...

She might as well do it while she's young and can get away with it. In my youth I had the sides of my head shaved and teezed the top of to create a mohawk effect. My mother was mortified of course, but I thought it looked cool.

At least she is comfortable enough in her own skin to want to have a hair style like that. Most kids do want to blend in and those who don't have a certain confidence that many of the others don't. That's a good think IMO. It means she is not afraid to stand out and be a leader, not a follower.

Beth at Aunties said...

O'Kay I am Laughing and loving it!!!! She is adorable & delightful and the others are just jealous they don't have the guts ( or the wonderful mom)to try something so fun.

It is only color:) It can be changed so fast. It is not permanent! Some thought it was awful in the 90's we let our oldest son grow his hair long in the back... and I kept the rest nicely shaped. It was only hair... Not tatoos or drugs!

The money was a lot for the beauty school to charge! It probably cost them 12-15.00 in supplies.

Tell her this very conservative woman thinks she is beautiful!!!!

Have a great weekend.

I really did have most of those colors in my blond hair in the 70's:) With a shag cut! LOL

Jayne said...

I agree with Kallen. How cool is it that she is comfortable enough to express herself like this? Ya done good mom!! :c)

LOL... my word veri is "colic"

Eve said...

This too shall pass!!!
Ha Ha!!
She looks like a sweetie anyway!!

Steve Borichevsky said...

Well, it could be worse. In the early '90s, my boss in Colorado had to contend with his daughter wearing men's boxer shorts over sweatpants. This is not unlike the style when we were young(er) in the late 80’s. Someday she’ll look back at this photo and remember her care free youth. Then it will be up to her to decide if the $95 was worth it or will she be thinking "What was I thinking!" So the question is...did we ever do anything that our parents didn't agree with? (You should see my freshman college ID)

Unknown said...

Oh my! It's a good thing she is so darn cute. At that age, you can do almost anything. Now, can you imagine if you or I had that hair? Society would screech to a halt! We would be locked up!

J.G. said...

"If your [--insert name of hairstyle, music, clothing item, etc. here--] isn't upsetting your parents, it isn't doing its job!"

You are wise to be picking your battles!

Mary said...

Hey, she kinda matches the curtains... Actually, I like it. It brightens up this dreary winter season... :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your daughter is a pretty young lady. I agree with some others - it could be something worse.:)

Michelle said...

I kinda like it!

Anonymous said...

Rainbows belong
in the sky.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

went through this in the 90s with my husband's oldest daughter...she was into the "goth" created all sorts of problems as back then the school was not really agreeable to the alternative looks but she didn't care...ragged black tights, black on black on pins and eventually non-permanent black hair. unfortuantely the look was the least of her problems. i told her i had no problems with the look if she conformed within the school's dress code.
anyway...things change and what is desirable by teens today is gone tomorrow.
her hair cut is adorable :) and i actually could live with the rainbow bright look.


Mary said...

You know, Sharon, she can pull it off. She's beautiful and the colors enhances her beauty. Honestly. Not exactly a "job interview" style, but I like it!

I spend $100 plus for foils but don't get a kick like that!

Stepping said...

It's not permanent, it won't leave a scar and it isn't illegal. You have to learn to pick your battles or you will go nuts. Take it from a mom of 4 who tried my patience on a daily basis. She is a pretty girl and I wish I had the guts to go against convention when I was young. I think it would look pretty ridiculous on a 58 year old. LOL

A New England Life said...

I love all your comments, even the one that says 'Rainbows belong in the sky'! lol!

Hopefully Andria will NEVER pierce her face. She already did once and was grounded big time.

Beth, the whole thing cost $80 but we left a $15 tip. Not sure if that was appropriate but she worked on it for over 3 hours.

Sweat pants with boxers? Yes, I'll take the hair ; )

She went through the black phase and dyed her hair with a semi-permanent black. It didn't come out until it grew out! She wanted to use some black highlights this time and I told her no.

This definitely isn't something you could get away with at an older age if you want to be taken seriously, but at 15, it's okay.

And I have to tell you, I was never like that. I was conservative and always trying to fit in. She gets it from her dad ; )


Cheryl Ann said...

Ours were $50 each, so we eat left $60. They weren't 3 hours and we didn't get color, just a shampoo, style, and blow dry! Here's the link:

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I am definitely not brave enough for this. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty girl Sharon...and brave, kids at that age can be brutal to each other. I was brave with the clothes I wore, I had a part-time job at Filene's and always got a sample or was one of the first to go with the current style, I sure loved clothes and my Mother just let me go with it, I think it's important to express yourself, I still don't care what others think !!!

And yes we have to pick our battles as Mothers wisely :)

Loved this post...
Kathy :)

nikkicrumpet said...'s better than tattoos and facial piercings lol. And she's so cute she can make it work!

Anonymous said...

I think she looks very pretty! My daughter got a full fledged mohawk when she was in 9th grade, at the age of 15. The worst part was that I worked at her school at the time. I got used to going in public with her and it wasn't long before all the shocked stares and whispers actually became kind of amusing. You ARE a cool, open-minded mom! My daughter is almost 21 yrs. old now and still doesn't care what others think. I think that's a very liberating attitude to have, don't you?

Karin from northern Michigan

Donna said...

Wow! Her hair looks awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Apologia61 said...

I know many grow out of it...and we have to roll our eyes. I am thankful she does not match her character with the likes of a Lady Gaga or some other monstrosity. If her character is in tact then this is nothing....except the 95$ pricetag. If her character becomes that which matches her hairstyle...well...then its time to go livid! I work with gang kids from LA and I know the identity issues....develop character young and when they get old they will not depart from that. This is only a short season...and you are good at capturing the essence of a will with her too