Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!

This is the way I start every day. With my soul dog.

(all pictures, including my new header, were taken with my Fujifilm s100fs)

See the way she looks at me? Even my husband doesn't look at me like that. Lily and I have a very strong bond. One I didn't think I would ever have with a dog, but she came into my life and proved me wrong. I'm thankful for that on a daily basis. I love this dog with all my heart.

I also wanted to show you this beautiful Winter plate my mom bought me for Christmas. She knows how much I love to use plates to decorate with, but this one is different and it fits right in with my feather trees, Mrs. Claus Cookies candle, and red Amarylis, which is about to come into bloom. Just what I need right now, a little piece of Spring!

And now onto Gobble, Gobble!

As per the norm I dropped my daughter off at work and decided to go take some new pictures. Since we just ushered in another snow storm last night AND I have a new camera I knew it would be a perfect day for pictures. Now bare with me, these are some of the very first pictures I've taken.

Heck, I was almost past the driveway to this house when I realized there were a flock of Wild Turkeys underneath the pine tree! (I know, I'm really excited) Stopping on the side of the road right after a snow storm is NOT a great idea but hey, there were Turkeys!!!

It's difficult to tell from pictures but wild Turkeys are really big! Up to 45" tall with wing spans up to 57". For some reason the camera seems to take away pounds instead of add them ... unlike it would for you and me. Maybe it's just that black is slimming, I don't know. I think there were even Wild Turkeys in the tree but it was hard to tell.

What they were eating, who knows. Seeds from pine cones? Maybe someone threw some bird seed out? Not sure, but after they all left several Blue Jays instantly took their place.

Once Turkeys are on the move they are gone pretty quick! Those legs can move! Wonder if the people in the house saw them?

In our area we have a plentiful supply of Wild Turkeys. I can't tell you how many times the girls have come home and said the bus had to stop to let the Turkeys cross the street. LOL! However, it's been a while since I've seen any. Right now they are pretty docile and basically just want something to eat, but come Spring you better not mess with the male Wild Turkey, as my Aunt Millie will testify too.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful winter photos of the turkeys..... I hear them out behind our property, but across the fence on the wooded farmland...Have never seen them in our yard. My dogs would go nuts! Haven't heard them in a few months... mostly in the warmer months. Thanks for sharing these photos... I'm still getting to know my new camera as well. ;-)


Anonymous said...

It's me again... lol... I forgot to tell you how gorgeous Lily is... now who could resist that face? Certainly not I.


A New England Life said...

I would think there would be a lot of Turkeys where you live Di. I'm sure you'll have the good fortune to make their acquaintance one day ; )

The reason you could not resist that face is because it's part Rottie! lol!!

dAwN said...

What a sweet little pup..
Love your new header...
how fun to see all those turkeys!

Laura said...

Are you loving your new camera, Sharon? What a gorgeous picture of Lily - give her a big smooch from me! We occasionally get turkeys crossing our backyard heading towards the woods. It seems so strange to see them! All that snow is making me cold!

Chatelaine said...

Your dog is the cutest! I saw a pack of wild turkeys this fall but didn't have time to follow them for a photo. I think they travel in packs usually. Your turkey photos are wonderful. Can you believe we had more snow this weekend?

Jayne said...

What a sweet girl, your Lily. I miss having a dog, and plan on one someday. LOL at the turkeys. They are so funny to watch!

J.G. said...

Lily's portrait is too cute for words!

We have wild turkeys in Florida, too. I bet their northern relatives in your photos have really cold feet!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

what a sweet pup...
and the wild turkeys...i have been hunting them since fall and not a one have i seen around here to frustrated...and there you have them all lined up and posing for
enjoy your week.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Awww! What a sweet face, and great photos. What a story - It probabley was not funny to the people at the time, but fun to read about now. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Wow, Sharon - look at all those turkeys! If that had been Texas, you would have been ducking bullets the whole time you were taking the picture. Lily-pants is such a beauty, and a love. Please give her hugs for me.

Eve said...

I have the same soul dog in my Daisy Lu Sharon. How old is Lily? Daisy is 2. She's looking at me right now!! Ha Ha!! Great turkeys, I took some pic of some yesterday. I've been so busy but will try to post soon.

A New England Life said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by! Hope you are nice and toasty warm down there in FLORIDA!!!

Laura, I DO love my camera! It's awesome! I'm so happy to finally have something really nice. Taking pictures of the animals can be so difficult but these are some of the best colorings I've seen yet of Lily : )

Elaine, they do travel in packs. Sometimes it's more like herds! lol! I know, the snow doesn't seem to stop lately.

Hi Jayne. Hopefully you will have a dog of your own again someday. I can't imagine my life without Lily.

J.G., Wild Turkeys are all over the United States though I believe the ones in the west are a bit different. Yes, I'm sure these Turkeys would rather be someplace warmer right now, like most of here in NH. *sigh*

Good Life in Va, don't worry, they'll show up eventually. They always do!

Hi Glenda, thank you for the sweet compliment on Lily's photo. Wasn't that story funny? And it was front page news! LOL! Small town alright.

Nancy .... lol! You always crack me up! Lily misses snuggling with you on the couch ; )

Hi Eve, Lily turned 5 in October. I'm glad you have your own soul dog. They bring so much to every day. Can't wait to see your Turkey photos! Hopefully you were able to get closer than I was.

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow the quality of the pictures is amazing! That pooch of yours is just the cutest thing...that face is irresistable! And I LOVE the new header is so very New England!

Shellmo said...

How fun to see all those turkeys! Nice shots and love your pup!

Mary said...


WOW! Isn't it wonderful? I remember the first twelve photos I took with it and how impressed I was. Lily is stunning. Such a soft look about her.

I've seen wild turkeys only once here in NC. I should go look for them!


Kerri said...

Lily is absolutley adorable!! Looks like you are getting used to your new camera just fine :)

The header shot is wonderful and I LOVE that plate!!

Helena said...

You're new blog logo is fantastic! And I love the photo of Lily too. What an amazing look she's giving you.

Donna said...

I love the turkey pictures. We have a lot of turkeys here in Connecticut too. My town was actually going to be named "Turkey Hills" because there are so many of them. They are incredibly fast, and if they feel truly in danger, they'll take off in flight, which is pretty neat to see.
Your dog is beautiful. I love that term "soul dog." I have a soul dog too and I love her so much.

Steve B said...
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Steve B said...

New Toys! Not bad for the first day out! It looks like your camera will do well, it captured Lily beautifully. Taking pictures of blackish birds in snow is a real challange!

The Cottage In The Curve said...

Great doggy pic.

I'm glad you posted the pics of the wild turkeys. We get them here in the summer time but I've never seen them in the winter.

I was surprised to see the Mallards out during our walk. The males were chasing the females all around us. It was fun to watch.

We get a lot of Canadian geese but I'm a little afraid of them. They seem to want to come right up and bite so I try to avoid them. I guess they want to be feed.

This year I'm going to try to get out more and take pics of the birds in this area of Tennessee.

Have a great week. Hugs

A New England Life said...

Nikki, Lily looks a lot like Crumpet, your baby. Big fluffy kids!

Shellmo, thanks for stopping by! Turkeys are natural entertainers.

Mary, you better go scout out some Turkeys, pronto! lol! Maybe just Turkey Vultures? I love the camera! Perfect for me, but maybe a tad heavy. I better work the biceps ; )

Kerry and Helena, Thank you! I love the header too, even if Christmas is over. So many wreaths still up on old barn doors. Very New England.

Donna, aren't they something when they fly? My husband told me that they used to roost in tree's out behind the house he rented with his friends in his early 20's. It must be odd to see them up that that high.

Steve, you aren't kidding! Black is a challenge, especially when they are in the shade. Double whammy.

Hi Pat, I would be afraid of Canadian Geese too! Any Geese as a matter of fact. Can't wait to see some of your Winter birds from your walks. It's supposed to get VERY cold here later this week. Too cold for walks.


Saucy said...

The way your dog looks at you... makes me think of that old joke:

If a man left his dog and his wife locked inside the car, which one would be happier to see him when he got back?

Just substitute/switch man and wife! Your dog would look at you with adoration!

Glitter and Bliss said...

I just wanted to say hello from Oklahoma. I love New England!! It is my most favorite place on earth. I have wonderful friends that live in RI and Maine. We try to visit often. Enjoy the the looks of your wonderful already are. Hugs....

Anna Lefler said...

Stunning! Those photos - particularly the new banner - are breathtaking.

I love visiting your blog! It's like a vacation...



Oliver Rain said...

Wow. I've seen wild turkeys just once. In the summer out in Cypress HIll Provincial Park about an hour from MH. We get plenty of deer though. It's funny because we live in the city centre and we've had deer right on the street in front of our house.

And your baby has a sweet, sweet face.

jade said...

So sweet Lily :)