Monday, January 26, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Love this face!

Everyday the birds fight it out over who rules the peanut feeder.

It certainly isn't the Tufted Titmouse. They make a lot of noise but don't really bother anyone. And they gladly share with the other birds, including the little Chickadees.

We have a winner!

Once she lands on the feeder no one else stands a chance, and she stays a good long time. This is one aggressive bird! She pecks and dives at any other bird who even TRIES to land on the peanut feeder. Luckily she's a looker.


Anonymous said...

Sharon... you bird photos are so pretty... is your feeder close to the house or do you use a really expensive lens?

All of your photos are winners my dear.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Kallen305 said...

Fantastic photos Sharon! Your peanut feeder seems to be the big hit on your block!

It is really weird because I have not had that many birds on my peanut feeder lately. I am thinking that may change when we get all that snow we are supposed to get and all the seed that has fallen to the ground has covered it.

I am guessing you will be getting hit just as hard (if not harder than we are) so be prepared for a peanut raid! ;o)

Steve B said...

Interesting. I've never had Sapsuckers as feeder birds so I don't know if we have a species trait or not. Titmice and Nuthatches will forage in mixed flocks, so they may be more tolerant. Please keep us posted.

judy in ky said...

Your photos are wonderful! And I love each one of your adopted friends... warms my heart to know they found a good home with you.

Laura said...

Oh I love these pictures, Sharon! Are you using a zoom - you must be! Especially like the second one from the bottom. Great job!

suzeeez said...

Beautiful pictures Sharon .... and what a great idea to fill your feeder with peanuts! I'm thinking of stealing your idea but I can picture squirrels swinging off of mine!! :o) Sue

Jayne said...

Love your sapsucker Sharon! I've never had one at my feeders. :c)

Eve said...

These pictures are all just wonderful! What a winner! Thanks Sharon!

A New England Life said...

Thanks everyone! In answer to some of your questions . . .

* The peanut feeder is on our deck. Since the other feeders are quite a ways away, I wanted this one up close.

* As for lenses, I use my new camera, the Fujifilm s100fs with a zoom capable of Macro all the way up to 400mm. I still LOVE this camera, and I especially love how I don't have to change out the lenses like I would in a dslr. That's why I chose it ; )

* Kallen, It took a while for the birds to really take to the new feeder but now they are obsessed.

* Steve, I tend to think it's just the way the Sapsucker is, bossy.

* Sue, I bought an actual Peanut Feeder. Not sure if you could use a different style feeder for peanuts but you could try!

~ Sharon

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great photos. I would not even attempt a feeder here - way to many squirrels. Your new header photo is beautiful.

Donna said...

Those photos of the birds are great. It must be so neat having a birdfeeder and watching the different types of birds that visit it. I wish we could have one, but bears prevent us from doing so. Although maybe in winter it wouldn't be a problem since they're hibernating!

Chatelaine said...

You re such a sweetie to take care of the feeding of the little birds.
Your photos are breathtaking!

Bracing for another storm? Stay warm!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

No wonder they fight over it.... there is such a lovely selection of food to choose from. :)

Kerri said...

OK...I JUST HAVE TO GET A PEANUT FEEDER THIS WEEKEND! What stunning shots. And that yellow bellied sapsucker is AWESOME!! I've only seen one in my life!


Anonymous said...

Sharon those are amazing shots...

Kathy :)

Nancy and the fatties said...

If you put some peanuts out there with chocolate on them, I think I could take the sapsucker. *squaring shoulders and looking determined*
Sharon, your blog is like an escape to a marvelous place so far away from flat, scrubby north Texas. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images and thoughts.

Shellmo said...

Beautiful series of birds! You get much more of a variety on your peanut feeders than I do!

Mary said...

We had to stop hanging our feeder close to the house, because the squirrels nested in our attic. Aaaarrgh. These are terrific shots. And I love your header, too!

nikkicrumpet said...

Your photos are absolutely amazing!!! They belong in a magazine or a bird book! One of my favorite parts of living here in New England is all the beautiful birds we get on our feeders. However we learned from one of our neighbors that we can't have nuts and berries in our feeders. A neighbor tried and next thing she knew she had a bear in her backyard!! He tore the feeder apart and had a little snack...then kept coming back for more. So now everyone in our neighborhood has agreed NO NUTS OR BERRIES!

Cruise Mom said...

What wonderful photos. I just dropped by from a visit, linked over from HulaGirl's place. I'm wondering where to put today's snow too!

Mary said...

Sharon, the first word I think here is MARVELOUS. Your titmice and nuthatch photos are perfect. I'm so envious of your Sapsucker (?), too. Snow envy, too.

You need to let me know how far you are away from the feeders.


Oliver Rain said...

Wow, these are all amazing photos. What kind of camera do you use?

A New England Life said...

Glad you all enjoyed the bird photo's : )

Mary, the feeder is about 5ft. away from the back door but with the Sapsucker I have to stand across the kitchen because she's so skittish. If she see's me she is pretty much gone. Most of the other birds are more tolerant and will let me get within a few feet of the door.

Oliver Rain, I have a Fujifilm Finepix s100fs. The same camera Mary has! I love it!

Cruise Mom, it's going to be a while before it all melts! Spring won't be fun.

Nikki, A bear? Yikes! Definitely NO nuts and berries then. lol!

Mary, we've been lucky, no squirrels in the attic! Isn't that farm so pretty?

Shellmo, I think it depends. Sometimes there's a lot of birds, sometimes not so many. The Sapsucker seems to have moved on.

Nancy, I can just visualize you and the bird going at it ... lol!

Kathy, thanks for stopping by : )

Kerri, I look forward to your peanut feeder pictures!

Joan and Elaine, they are pretty spoiled aren't they? Down with snow! Enough already!

Donna, do you live near Nikki? Those bears are pesky for sure!

Glenda, I've caught a squirrel on the feeder once, and they had it on the ground once. So far, not to bad though!Thank you for the compliment on the header.


A New England Life said...
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