Sunday, March 29, 2009

Backyard Birds and Garden Frills


This is my first post using Windows Live Writer(click to download) and so far I’m loving it! It took me a while to find the program on my computer after I downloaded it, which I guess Rhoda had a similar problem, so try not to be too discouraged if the same thing happens to you. Not to mention as with any program you’ll need to figure out how it works but by the time you do I guarantee you won’t be going back to blogger anytime soon. I would also suggest using WLW in combination with Minima Stretch as a template for optimal results but I’m sure it works with other templates as well.

Why I’ve never been to Backyard Birds & Garden Frills (Rt. 1, York, Maine) I’m not sure. It’s not far from me but it’s sort of off my beaten path.

DSCF1002As you can see I went there on a snow day about a month or so ago (yeah, I’m always late with my posts). There are bird feeders filled to the brim all around the building. It’s a bird lovers paradise! In the summer you’ll find places to sit and have lunch or just enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

Beautiful items to be had, and I wanted them ALL!!! I’ll bet I could even make the ‘FLOWERS’ blocks if I really tried . . .


Part of the store is Bell Farm Antiques. Lovely linens, pottery, etc., no junk here. Check out the black carved birds up on top of the jelly cabinet on the right. They would go perfect in my family room! The store is somewhat high end so I had to browse this time instead of purchase.

DSCF1008 Bird houses . . . you know I love bird houses! They had plenty of them too, along with about every other bird supply you could possibly want, including many varieties of seed.


Easter decor was plentiful and gorgeous! Although the picture on the right with the sleigh didn’t come out very bright I decided to show it anyway. Those bunnies were incredible in person. I could have spent all day in this store, there was so much to dream of owning and drool over! Looking around the store their attention to detail was obvious.

DSCF1006 Did we have a lot of snow or what! Wish I could have shown you more of the store, there was so much to look at.


As temps continue to rise I’ll have to take a trip back to Backyard Birds & Garden Frills/Bell Farm Antiques. If you live in the area I would suggest making the trip as well. I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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Lisa said...

Bell Farm Antiques is so much fun to look around! I go there every time we vacation in York Beach, Maine.