Saturday, March 28, 2009

FYI ~ Blogging Help

She's at it again. Rhoda@Southernhospitality has some great blogging advice! If you are a regular blogger I would suggest reading her latest post: Windows Live Writer(click to download). Not only does Rhoda tell you about this helpful blogging tool, she also has great advice for NEW bloggers (and maybe a few that have been around a while). And if you've never been to Southern Hospitality you're missing out on a great blog!

Rhoda is also the one who taught me how to enlarge photos. If you're interested in reading that post you can view it over on the right hand side of my blog under Ten of my favorite posts of 2008. At first I didn't think I would upload WLW but she says it will upload large photo's like mine so I'm going to give it a shot!

Thanks Rhoda (and other experienced/organized bloggers) for making blogging a little easier for all of us :)

*** 7:30 am Sunday morning: I just downloaded Windows Live Writer and I have to say after playing with the program for only a few minutes I already am very pleased! Give it a shot!

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