Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chance Moment



This really was a chance moment. On my way to work one morning last week I happened to be crossing the General Sullivan bridge over the Piscatiqua River. As I looked left I noticed a lobstah boat headed out towards the bridge and the open ocean. Unsure whether or not I could get to the edge of the water in time I decided to do my best.

Once parked I jumped out, looked towards the bridge and thought, “Where’s the boat!” Guess it was going a little slower than I thought, or I was really hurrying! Finally it made an appearance.

This is my Watery Wednesday contribution. Hope you enjoy it : )

DSCF2579c A couple points worth noting: The currents under the General Sullivan bridge are some of the strongest currents on the East Coast. They can be very dangerous and a boater needs to know how to navigate them. Also the green steel bridge in the background has been closed for many years now. It’s currently used by fisherman, walkers, or bikers.


DSCF2585c Just about to head 'round the bend and out of sight

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