Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making way for a family



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Adjacent to my house sits some large, old, dead, or almost dead trees, a favorite with all the birds especially the Woodpeckers, Nut Hatches, or anything looking for bugs.  Quite often when I hear or see the Pileated Woodpeckers (love their call) this is where they are.  Thursday afternoon was no exception.

Look at her sitting there.  She kept going around back, playing hide and seek! At one point she completely disappeared leaving me to wonder, “Where did you go girl?”

Search, search, search . . . .

DSCF2677Oh my gosh, this is where she went! Isn’t she beautiful??? Talk about excited!  Joy oh Joy!  We’re going to have Pileated babies!  What a treat that will be!

DSCF2700b Mrs. Pileated kept flying in and out.  At times she would throw some sawdust out of the hole leading me to believe the house is still under construction.  I only stayed a few minutes so as not to disturb her too much.  Wouldn’t want to scare them away!

DSCF2709 Yesterday morning I went back over to see what was going on at the nest.  This time is was Mr. Pileated doing all the work.  He was a diligent worker too!   Ya gotta love a man who knows how to provide for his lady.




And don’t come back, you hear!!!

I really am thrilled about this as the Pileated’s are one of my favorite birds. How can you not be in awe of their size and regal looks? Every couple days I’ll check in on them to see how they are progressing.  Judging by a couple other holes in the same tree I would say they have nested there in the past.  How on earth did I miss that?

Have a great Saturday!

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