Saturday, April 25, 2009

Morning Walk

This morning I took a walk at our local Waste Water Treatment plant, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now but wasn’t sure it was permitted.  However, there was another gentlemen walking his dog there so I figured it would be okay. No ‘Keep Out’ signs anywhere either so we were legal : )

Cormorant Since the Treatment plant borders a river and marsh I figured I would see a lot more birds than I did.  Nope.  Spotting these Double-crested Cormorants resting on a couple guide wires was a nice find though.  When they hang out with their wings spread is the best but they didn’t seem to be in the mood for wing spreading.

Double-Crested Cormorant I also saw my first Barn Swallow of the season.  Pictures? Are you kidding? He was flying so fast I couldn’t even follow him.  It was surprising that there weren’t more of them due to the huge quantity of bugs!  Not so sure I’ll be able to walk there much longer without the threat of being eaten alive.

Double-crested Cormorant b

Red Winged Blackbird


DSCF3244 And a beautiful view in the water.  At the plant this is just one of several ponds being treated.

It was a very nice, peaceful way to start the day and a gorgeous week-end. As I get older I find the first couple hours in the morning seem to be the ones I cherish the most each day, especially on days when I can get outside. If only every day could be this nice

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