Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Fling!

Tulips on fence b Isn’t it wonderful that someone took the time to plant these right next to the sidewalk for all to enjoy?

Tulips Pink b

DSCF4219 b A traditional white picket fence sets off the delicate pink blossoms with their long green stems

Pink Tulip

Unknown tree

Just around the corner from the Tulips were these beautiful flowers on a small tree. I spoke with the owners of the home while they worked in the garden, yet neither one was quite sure what kind of tree it was since the tree was planted by the previous owner.

The woman told me I should come back when her Azalea comes into bloom. She said it has a purple pinwheel design she hasn’t seen anyplace else. Think I might take her up on that offer!

DSCF4229 b

Unknown tree and flowers They remind me of Apple blossoms but all the flowers are hanging instead of facing upright

Savannah Sparrow Savannah Sparrow

Scratching that itch Scratching that itch!

Puffed up Sparrow I think a vase of deep purple Lilacs on my kitchen table is in order

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Carol said...

I like the first photo of the Savannah Sparrow. It has just enough yellow over it's eye to really fit in the picture.