Monday, June 29, 2009

Like a red, red rose, continued

It was a long, long winter. How I yearned for warmer weather, free from snow, ice, and All Wheel Drive. I longed to sit on the back deck and drink ice tea, or take evening walks on a daily basis to lose a few pounds I gained in the winter. Sleep with the windows open. Watch the sunset on the longest day of the year. Oh I had hopes and dreams alright but it seems Mother Nature, or something more sinister, had different plans.

Don't get me wrong, there have been days of warmth and glorious sunshine, like the day I took these photos, but on average it seems we've had about 2 days of sunshine per week for the past few weeks.

Emotionally I don't do well in this dreary weather. It's almost a seasonal effect thing. My body craves warmth and sunshine. The past few nights I sleep in long sleeved pj's because I'm cold.
Where is Summer? I NEED Summer! The birds NEED Summer!

I know some of you in other parts of the country are baking with heat, and I'm sorry about that, but at least you have sunshine. All we see, day after day, is drizzle, rain, and cloudy skies. They're saying we might see a bit of sunshine tomorrow. I'm crossing everything in hopes of some natural Vitamin D.

On a positive note (because who wants to listen to me complain about the weather) ... I had seen these Roses in Exeter last Summer and hoped to photograph them but it didn't happen. They never left my mind though and as soon as I noticed them in bloom a few weeks ago I made an early morning drive to capture a moment.
After I was done shooting them I walked along the street just looking around and ran into a lovely 82 year old woman who was born and raised in Exeter. We conversed for a few minutes about photography, Phillips Exeter, her brothers, etch until she said, "There's some pink Roses up the street" I asked if they were on a fence also and she replied, "Yes they are. They're in front of a mansion!"
I don't know that it was a mansion but the pink roses sure were sweet, though the rain had beat them down pretty good, like all my flowers. So it was a 2 for 1 day!

Here's hoping some of your warmth cycles up our way!


Laura said...

Hoping tomorrow brings you some sun, Sharon! Love those beautiful roses.

Steve B said...

Face it Sharon, we got screwed out of one of our good months. To add insult for injury, I decided to stop fighting the fog and go out and take some fog shots, and the sun came out!

The roses are great in front of the old mansion. When I was out west, I missed the old buildings.

Steve B said...
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Steve B said...
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Steve B said...
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Chatelaine said...

I agree with you, I've had enough of this dreary weather! The sun came out on Saturday and I was instantly in a good mood.

Your rose photos are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

It's a mansion in someone's eyes I suppose. A lovely house indeed.

And she huffed and she puffed and she blew the warm weather your way.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Bernie said...

Sharon, I love the pictures of the yellow house and the roses. I think you had pictures of this house in one of your other post, to me it's beautiful.
I understand about your weather, ours had been terrible in Alberta but I am heading home to New Brunswick for 2 weeks mid July and am so looking forward to it.
Take care.....:-) Hugs

Jennifer Dee said...

What beautiful photos: I just love the colour of those roses whith the backdrop of that gorgeous house.

hip chick said...

I feel your pain about the lack of sunshine...really.
I love the roses and can't wait to see the pink ones. I did guess right where this is. I used to walk my kids to school past this house. Of course that was a million years ago when they were small. Those were the days.
Beautiful roses.

Jayne said...

We've had no measurable rain in weeks and weeks. Everything is bone dry. Maybe we could compromise and each have something in-between? :c) On these 99 degree days, I'd welcome your cooler temps and some rain.

I need orange said...

I'm liking the perspective and diagonals in these.


Nancy and the fatties said...

Beautiful Sharon! I am packaging up some 100 degree heat and Dallas sunshine for you for express shipment this a.m.
I love the photos. The yellow house just shouts sunshine and the red roses and blue shadows on the fence...makes my painterly heart go pitty pat!

The Retired One said...

I feel your pain.
We had the longest winter in many years, followed by the coldest spring in many A cold summer.
We had 4 days of muggy hot hot (80's-90's), a week of wonderful, sunny high 70's and that was its in the 50's and has been raining for days..with the forecast rainy and cool for the next 6 days or so.
Dark, rainy days gets me depressed, too.

Carolynn said...

There's just something about white picket fences, isn't there? Very pretty with the brilliant red roses.

I feel your pain, with your weather woes. I'm over here on the Wet Coast, so I'm all too familiar with gray days, heavy skies, and wet, wet, wet. We had a horribly long winter with unusually cold weather. Our Spring & Summer, so far have been brilliant. We're getting way more sunshine & blue skies than normal and I'm loving every moment. We never get heatwaves, because we have the ocean breezes, so on a hot day, it's about as perfect as it can be.

I hope the weather dries up for you soon. I suffer from S.A.D., so I know the yearning for Vitamin D.

BTW, I tweaked my blog a bit, with your directions. I still have a few finishes touches to do, but I'm liking it very much.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge so generously!


Erin said...

ms sharon...come on down to virginia. we have been in the 80s/90s for days...i am sooo tired of the heat and humidity and it is only june 30th.
beautiful captures of the roses on the fence. just beautiful.

Balisha said...

Sending you a warm hug and a sunny smile.

Cedar ... said...

mix of sun and a few clouds here in the Adirondacks today,... weather moves west to east, maybe it will be yours tomorrow?

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful roses! There for a while, all we had was rain and dreary days one after another. Now is is so hot and maybe rain in a couple more days. The weather definately affects my mood.

Marfa said...

Hi Sharon, thank you for visiting my blog and letting me know about having a hard time find the comments link. Thank you as well for offering to help me. I was able to enlarge the font for those links and now it looks much better.

I love your pictures of the roses. They are beautiful! I'm sorry you guys up there are not seeing Summer yet. We are scorching here in South Florida, even though we've been getting rain almost every day for a few weeks now. It rains, but the sun comes out you can cook an egg on the sidewalk!

Beth at Aunties said...

The roses are pretty and you caught them perfectly... I am so sorry your sunny warm days have eluded you, especially after your long winter.
We have thought they were eluding us also. June is normally our driest month of the year and we had 17 out of 20 rain soaked days! Just this week it jumped to around a hot 97 degrees.
My nephew does look young. He is 22 and she is 20. The same age we were when we got married. It sure seemed we were old enough then. LOL The kids seem to look younger and younger the older I get!
He will soon head off to Chiropractic School after graduating this next year from college.
Here's wishing you lots of warm sunny days! :)

dAwN said...

Beautiful roses on one of your sunny days...Raining here in CT today...birds are all wet!

Cindy said...

Just amazing.

Angela said...

Beautiful flowers- I was checking your blog to see if it was sunny out your direction- guess not!