Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gloucester Breakwater and the 'Pole'

As we reached the twin lighthouses I couldn't help but notice the huge pole sticking up out of the water. Apparently this is to forewarn boaters of the impending doom underneath. Looking at the fancy GPS Garmin Roy had on his boat I was amazed there was only 7 feet of water beneath us! And though it looks like we are fairly close to shore, we're not. Believe me it's an illusion.

I tried to find more information about the pole ... when it was set, if it has a certain name, how it was set, yada, yada, ... but I didnt' have any luck. If any of you Gloucesterites would care to enlighten me that would be wonderful!

As we came in around the breakwater/jetti the water became so still. My daughter had been quite nervous before when we were further out to sea so this helped her to feel better. And it quelled the sea sickness I was starting to feel.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And on a different subject ... my husband bought me the most recent Victoria Magazine for my Birthday at the beginning of the month. What he didn't realize was that I already had the issue on my nightstand, so I've decide to give it to one of my readers. If you're intested in being in the drawing please put a V for Victoria at the bottom of your comment. And if you could please be within the continental US it would be appreciated.

Sunday I'll put all the #'s into one of the random number gizmo's, or something like that, and let you know who won. Good luck and as always, thank you for stopping by!

*It's currently Sunday morning so I will no longer be accepting names for the drawing of the Victoria magazine. Thanks to those who participated!


dAwN said...

Hey...that seagull likes the pole..yeah the water looks kinda rough there...wouldnt want to put a boat to close.
Nice pics!
Victoria mag..used to get it faithfully for years when I had a home! Love it! so for memories sake
I am putting this

Laura said...

Always love your pictures from your adventures, Sharon! I've never seen that magazine, so include me in the drawing!


Jay Albert said...

Great pics again Sharon!
That "pole" is known as the "Londoner". It marks a ledge but during the age of sail,before GPS and other electronic navigation aids it was used by mariners as a mark to head towards Europe. Another interesting note:Sometimes when the tide and wave action is right, boaters sometimes mistake the pole for a submarine's periscope!

Jane said...

I like the perspective you got with the pole in relation to the lighthouse, nice shot of the Gloucester Bar Beacon and Eastern Point lighthouses, thankfully it was sunny too, thanks for sharing:)

Cedar said...

Your shots of the shore and sailboats are making me long to go to the coast for vacation. But alas, I've already got this summer planned right down to the last minute. I really need my ocean "fix!"

Kerri said...

Your shots are stunning!!

Erin said...

lovely captures as always ms. sharon. those depth meters are fab inventions. my friend has one on his pontoon and we marvel at the varying depths of the lake when out and about.


Anonymous said...

I need to create a summer escape so would love that issue of Victoria Magazine. It was so sweet of your husband to think of you even if you did already have it... it's the thought that counts, right?

Great pics today and glad you did not get a full blown case of sea sickness.


The Blue Ridge Gal

Nancy Medina said...

Hi lady, I wonder if the pole measures the depth of the tide? Are you going to let Phinny pick the winner of your giveaway?
hugs from Texas,
me and the piggies

Marfa (formula for a life) said...

Well, Victoria Mag is one of my weak spots, I just LOVE it. But I'm subscribed to it, so I won't enter the contest ;-)

I love those pictures, they're beautiful.

Carolynn said...

Ugh...seasickness...nothing worse! I'm glad you & your daughter were both spared the horrors.

That is an outstandingly beautiful spot. Absolutely gorgeous in a "wish I was there" kind of way.

I used to put the Victoria Magazine on my gift list for my (ex)husband at Christmas. He loved it because he didn't have to do any shopping, he could just fill in the subscription card and mail it in. I loved it because I got a new issue every month (or so).

That's a very pretty nightstand. The photo looks like it could be from the pages of Victoria magazine, itself. I would enter, however, I'm an international internet traveler from Canada.

Best of luck to all the other entrants!

Beth at Aunties said...

The pictures are gorgeous. The water does look rough and from the account I read the rocks are numerous.
I am glad you were able to get your bearings and didn't have sea sickness. I posted and I hope it is alright. If not please let me know.
Sure Please enter me into the drawing! Sweet husband you have:)

Steve B said...

Interesting, Jay, The Russians are Coming! The Russians are coming!

Hay Sharon, That is the Dogbar Breakwater and Eastern Point Light. Remember that video I did last winter? That's where I get my Purple Sandpipers.

Geeta said...

Hey Sharon!

Wonderful pictures as always... is that Gloucester MA?? If so, that's rather close to my college in Beverly!

I'm at the Cape right now, and it features boats much like those in your photos! Ohhh nothing like the deep blue sea in the summertime! :)


Karin said...

I've really enjoyed your photography for a while now. I would love to be entered for the Victoria magazine, Thank-you!


Karin said...

Oops ~ forgot my e-mail!


dog trot farm said...

Here's my V, I have never picked up this magazine. Loved the pictures!

Chatelaine said...

There's nothing like a day by the ocean. And it's a bonus when the sun is out!

I subscribe to Victoria Magazine. Love it! Nice giveaway! I think the winner will really enjoy it.

A New England Life said...

Jay, thank you for the added information. I can only imagine how rough the water gets out by the londoner!

Steve, I remember that video. We all thought you might be washed away by the spray! LOL! Damn it was cold then.

Geeta, that IS Gloucester Mass! You should visit sometime. It's a beautiful place.

Nancy, I thought about it ... do you think Phin would do an adaquate and unbiased job in his selection?

Beth, your post is excellent! For those who don't know, Beth's husbands family are decendents of the Thatchers from my last Gloucester post. Stop by and see her:

Thank you all for the kind comments. Bobbing around on the boat it wasn't easy to get any decent shots but I just kept shooting until I thought I'd captured something passable.

Hopefully next time I visit Gloucester I'll be out there ON the Dogbar breakwater!


hip chick said...

I love Gloucester. Your posts on it are tempting me to take a visit if my schedule ever permits. I don't know if I'm to late to enter the drawing by I will try anyway. That magazine looks very interesting. I love planning my own escape!

A New England Life said...

Nope, it's not to late for you Hip Chick! I believe my husband will be drawing the name tomorrow morning : )


Susan said...

Oh, I had a subscription to that magazine for years - how nice to see it back. And your photos are terrific.


Cindy said...

Beatiful pictures

The Gathering Place said...

I am dropping by after seeing your wonderful pictures on Aunties With Advice. I have always wanted to visit New England (especially in the fall) and look forward to seeing more of your photos. Thanks for sharing your beautiful corner of the world. I live in Utah and it is pretty, but much different.

The Retired One said...

I loved the boat and rocks and the island nice! The magazine looks enticing here is the
at the end of the message to quality me for the fun drawing :-)
v...etc. ha