Sunday, July 19, 2009

Victoria magazine drawing is over, and the winner is ….


Thank you to everyone who entered! Since my husband bought the magazine I had him draw a name.  (The feather you see fell out of a Red-tailed Hawk sitting in front of our house last night)


DSCF9619This is when I told him, ‘Don’t look!!!’ so he didn’t.

And the winner is ….






DSCF9623 Di, if you could email me your address I’ll have the magazine out to you in the morning!

I so wish I could send a copy out to ALL of you! If you see it in the store I would highly recommend picking up this summers issue.  It’s very relaxing to browse through at bedtime.

Have a nice Sunday!



cpknancy said...

I was a subscriber to 'Victoria' for years and years and was so sad to see it cease publication a few years ago. BUT I was THRILLED when they re-released it again and am once more a subscriber. Don't you just love it? When 'Victoria' comes in the mail, it's time to find a quiet corner, a cup of tea and just sit back and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and photos very refreshing!
Denise Hull,Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Who ME??? I won? This is wonderful... have been feeling a bit sickly all day, logged on to look at blogs this evening and there was my name! I think I'm going to love this gift!! Will send you an e-mail with my info, Sharon, and thank you to your hubby for choosing my name. He's a keeper for sure.

The Blue Ridge Gal

The Retired One said...

I was gone for the weekend to Duluth and was just catching up on reading blogs and two seconds ago left a message to be in the drawing and then saw you already had it.

dAwN said...

Oh you sure do make a drawing nice..Beautiful plate..the feather...
the names in such pretty font..
You are a Viotoria Mag Girl!
Well done!

A New England Life said...

cpknancy, it's time for me to resubscribe! I'm so thrilled the magazine is back in circulation!

Thank you CDP!

Congratulations Di! I do hope you enjoy it.

Sorry you missed the drawing Joan. Maybe next time : (

Thank you Dawn. I always loved beautiful, romantic things. My husband likes the sleek and contemporary Pottery Barn look so bringing it all together can be tough. lol! Guess you and Jeff don't have to worry about that too much ; )


Kathleen Valentine said...

Gosh, I didn't know that was still around. I had a subscription for years.