Sunday, August 9, 2009

US Coast Guard Eagle Tall Ship

This was a very enjoyable shoot on a beautiful morning. The tough part was shooting into the sun, and because of it you'll notice plenty of blue in the photos due to the sun shining on the back of everything. When the USCG Eagle ship comes into the harbor you'll be able to see how white it really is.

It was pretty exciting to see all the boats start heading in! In the far background sits a large tanker. They won't be coming in until high tide later on in the day.

Hoping for full sail but it was not to be

Fort McCleary sits high on a hill across the river in Kittery, Maine

What an incredible view these guys must have! Did you notice the large golden eagle on the bow?

Though the ship might look fairly close in the photos it was actually out there quite a ways. Below was about as much as I could zoom in.

You can see the ship coming around a bit to recieve a little more sun.

Fort McCleary would shoot their cannons to which the USCG Eagle would reply.

Cruising past the Portsmouth Naval Prison which hasn't been occupied since 1974

Below is a brief video I recorded of the Coast Guard tall ship coming up through the harbor. You'll even see the cannons going off at Fort McCleary as well as the ship, but I have to warn you, the video is a bit rough!

You may be wondering where the rest of the ships are. So was everyone else!!! After a few minutes another tall ship came through, though I can't say which one it was since there wasn't any name on the side. I'll show it to you in my next post. That was it though, only 2 tall ships. Apparently the other 2 joined in on the parade further up river.

For more information about any of the ships and viewing times click HERE


Cindy said...

Sharon those are fabulous photos. I love the ship it's beautiful and the photo with the lighthouses and the ship is fantastic. Have a great week! ~Cindy

Anonymous said...

Great shots... saw them over on Facebook but they look much better here on your blog in full size. Looks like it was a great day for sailing.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Laura said...

So cool, Sharon! I expected to hear a lot of boat horns but I guess they didn't do that.

Jay Albert said...

Great job Sharon! The Eagle has been here several times. Once I watched as a bunch of tour buses came onto the pier bringing in a new crew from the CG Acadamy. It was a magnificent military display as the crews changed over. The 1st thing the new cadets had to do once on board was climb the rigging!The looks on their faces was priceless!

Steve B said...

Really impressive ship, Great shots, Sharon.

Bernie said...

Enjoyed another post of your wonderful photo's...:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Sharon! Wow! I love that light house and that big ship! Fantastic shots as usual!

Donna Marie

Nancy Medina said...

Ah this gives me goosebumps. Another amazing entry, Sharon. For us landlubbers, you have no idea what you bring that we would never see or experience.

Christina said...

How beautiful. I am southener and quite proud of it. I made a trip to the east coast a few years ago. (Cape Cod not your gorgeous state) It took my breath away. It was fall and the leaves were changing. I will never forget climbing a hill to a lighthouse and the view of the Atlantic smashing against the shore. It is a picture that will stay in my mind forever. I call on it when I need to find a little quiet in my head. I hope to go back one day and see more, much more.

The Early Birder said...

Fantastic shots & great views of a beautiful ship.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow !! Great pictures - thanks so much for sharing them with us.
I am impressed!

The Retired One said...

These shots are absolutely gorgeous! I loved them all. I love lighthouses, ships and boats and the ocean and you have all the elements in these photos.
Loved them!

Riet said...

Beautiful pictures. Those big ships are so awesome. You also took the small welcoming ships sobeautifully with their spraying water. Just great.

MaineBirder said...

Awesome series of photos and video Sharon! I wish I knew this was going on.

dAwN said...

I am loving this series...gorgeous pics!

Eve said...

Wonderful post Sharon. Fantastic pictures!

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