Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oyster River and Mill Pond Dam

As in my previous post you can see it's quite overcast with brightening here and there. A tough shoot I thought.

I wish we still had this much color, but besides a random tree here and there, it's pretty much gone

In the above photo you are able to view the reddish/orange balls attached to the lines to help keep the Swans from hitting them as they fly over from Mill Pond into Oyster River. In years past it's happened several times and the Swan would fall to it's death in the river.

By clicking on the above photo it will enlarge, showing more historic detail of the area

Unfortunately there is talk of removing the dam. Like most other historic dams in the area, it's old and not really needed anymore. Removal costs about half the price of replacement and since the dam is no longer used the town feels it may be more economically feasible to remove it.

Though I'm not a resident of Durham, I can't imagine not having this view. Many other people in area feel the same way. Evaluation of the dam, the water, and it's surroundings are expected to be completed by the end of January. After that I imagine a decision will be made. If it's for removal you can best believe there will be an uprising to save it.

*I'd like to thank everyone who left such heartfelt and sincere comments for my mom and I. Some of you even taking the time to sending personal emails or share a story about your mother. I can't tell you how much it's meant to read each word.

My mom was sent home from the hospital last Saturday and rushed back via ambulance Sunday morning with terrible dehydration. On Tuesday she came home again. The first two days home she over did it and I thought we'd have to take her back. She thought if she just went upstairs and took a shower she would feel so much better. Trying to do so when no one was around was a BIG mistake! My dad came in the house and couldn't find her. There Mom sat upstairs in the bathroom, unable to move.

I think after the stairs incident my Mom is resigned to waiting it out until her body heals a bit more. Having just had major back surgery and has been a tough thing to face. Plus she will absolutely have to have help the next time she attempts stairs or taking a shower. My dad and I have stayed close just to make sure she follows the rules! At 114 lbs. she's a tough and determined lady.


Jayne said...

Oh, I do hope they wouldn't get rid of that very lovely scenic dam area Sharon. Your photos are so pretty.

I hope your mom is behaving now, and is on the way to a full and less complicated recovery.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a beautiful place. It would be a shame to take away something as pretty as the dam view.
I sure hope you Mother will have a fast and full recovery. Tell her to slow down and do what the Dr. says - and you can tell her I said so. :-)

Jay Albert said...

I love those photos! I have a sense I've been there before but for the life of me can't figure it out for sure. I can tell your mom is very spirited. It's "payback" time when she raised you during your younger days! That's what both my mom & dad said to me when they were had health problems. We always got a good laugh out of that.

From the Old InkWell said...

Beautiful photos! Love the fall colors!

Anonymous said...

Your mother looks as though she has always been active... a real go-getter, and I'm sure this waiting to heal is a difficult time for her. *sighs* Each day will be one step closer to being able to do more things herself. Tell her to behave herself while she heals.... and then she can be a go-getter again. lol


Laura said...

I hope your Mom is feeling better, Sharon! Beautiful pictures, as usual!

Loree said...

Oh I do so hope they keep the dam. It is very pretty. And I hope your mother is doing much better. It is so hard for older people to understand that they need to taake things slower sometimes.

The Curious Cat said...

Oh your poor mum, sounds like she has a will of steel and a lot of determination but I'm glad she has finally realised she needs to take it easy a bit and recover. Let's hope for everyone that she gets well soon.

As for the river and dam...I agree that it would be sad to remove it. I like the fact that something has been done to protect the poor swans and it is such a beautiful is hard to think a masacre took place there many centuries ago... xxx

Kerri Farley said...

What a beautiful place!

I hope your Mom is doing better!!

The Retired One said...

These photos are gorgeous! I would love to visit there someday.

I am glad to hear your mom is home, but you are 100% right..the harder job now will be to assist her and keep her from harm. She will undoubtedly try and overdo it and that is the dangerous part.

Sea Witch said...

Sending good thoughts to your mom for a speedy healing process. Love your photos of this area. Shame that the dam has to be removed, would be lovely if they could find a way to save it for the community. Sea Witch

Erica Houskeeper said...

Beautiful images, as always.

I hope your Mom is doing better and resting up. Sometimes it's hard for our parents to let us help them. My mom, who is 77, broke three toes over the summer and was in rough shape for several weeks. It was a very difficult time, especially when she resisted the help of others. I'm glad you and your dad are nearby to keep an eye on your Mom.
Take care,

Country Girl said...

Beautiful photos, Sharon. Breathtaking! I think the overcast weather only added to the shoot with those clouds.
Slow and steady, steady and slow is the way your mom will have to go. I didn't have back surgery, but when I returned from the hospital last month, I could do nothing. Just lifting my arm was difficult. My husband stayed in the bathroom with me while I took showers and followed me everywhere. (Not that I went very far). Your mom sure is feisty. But she'll come back in time.

Judy said...

I think the colours of the leaves are more vibrant when the sky is lightly overcast - with a full sun, they blaze, and sometimes overwhelm one!
Prayers for your family, and you!

Donna said...

SO Beautiful!!! Hope the right decision is made!!
Am praying for your Mother sweetie!!hughugs

Mary said...

What a beautiful spot! I do hope they don't tear it down.

Still remembering you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully your mom will allow herself some time to heal properly, and be back to normal very soon. :)

Mary said...

What a beautiful spot! I do hope they don't tear it down.

Still remembering you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully your mom will allow herself some time to heal properly, and be back to normal very soon. :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

It looks very chilly there. Beautiful, but cool.

It must be very frustrating for your Mom, a woman who sounds very independent and determined, to have to face the fact that life has to slow down for a little more now. She's very fortunate to have such a loving, supportive husband and daughter.

Donna said...

Looking at your photos is like a religious experience! You capture the beauty of things so well.

Best wishes for a quick and full recovery for your mother!

Pat said...

It would be a shame to see that dam torn down. It always comes down to money, doesn't it?

Gorgeous pictures, as always.

Your mom sounds like she's full of piss and vinegar and a hard woman to keep down. But she needs to rest up properly and not push it or else she'll have a set back. And she must shower WHEN SOMEONE IS HOME!

Marfa (formula for a life) said...

Your mom and I my mom sound a lot alike. My mom is the type of woman that you can't keep down. She never complaints about work and she wants to keep on even when we can see that she's struggling. How you can make a person like that follow doctor's recommendations is beyond me.