Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wet Dog Syndrome (& about those ads)

Lately I'm reminded of the song from Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day ...

...and the rain, rain, rain
came down, down, down...

It seems relentless and unending. This is the 3rd week in a row of flooding rain for us here in New England.

When you have ducks in your backyard where you don't usually even have a pond, then you know it's been raining, a LOT!

Lily is not a fan.
She especially hates being toweled down. Hates it. She runs through the house like a madwoman trying to escape my advances.

The rain does nothing for her hairdo. At least she's clean so she doesn't smell. My husband might beg to differ.

These are good days for her to take long naps, basically because there's not much else to do. No going outside to take walks or play ball or even chase Winston. All she can do is follow me from room to room, staying on my heels at every turn. Sometimes she helps me wash the dishes.

Winston is quite skeptical of the rain as well, preferring to do his business inside if he can get away with it. You dirty dog, Winston. Yeah, you!

Come the end of the week it will all be just a bad memory, and a lot of mud. Upper 60's on Thursday, 70's on Friday, and 80+ on Saturday! I can only hope the weatherman has it right. The flowers and birds are hoping the same thing!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wanted to take a moment and discuss the BlogHer ads that I've added to my blog. I know it's not a popular decision with some people, but, it's a decision I made based on what was right for me and my family.
First of all I didn't put the ads on my page for greed. I'm an interior painter who's been unemployed for 2 months and in a dual income family we are feeling the pinch. Second, after 26 years with the same company we thought my husband could possibly lose his job this month. Plus my older daughter had a minor car accident, and my younger daughter had braces put on. Oy Vey! It's been a stress filled month to say the least! I'm sure you've all been there! So far it appears my husbands job will remain intact, and I actually have a little work on the horizon, provided it doesn't fall through like previous jobs have. Damn this economy!

So often I hear people say I should sell my photos or be a photographer. Thank you so much for the positive words! Your feedback on my progress means the world to me! I tried selling my photos on Etsy. Not a lot of action. And though my photos might look good in the cyberworld, my camera is not good enough for professional use. Therefore putting ads on my page is sort of a compromise. It might give me a little reward for my work but won't cost anyone else a penny. You don't even have to click on the ads, it's mostly based on page impression.

One condition I had when I put the ads on my blog was that I would not compromise the size of my photos. I like the larger format and I believe my viewers do too. I understand if some people are put off by the advertisements but BlogHers ads seem to be pretty tasteful and I didn't go overboard with multiple ads, even though they give me that choice. To be eligible for BlogHer ads I had to fill out an application and be accepted into their program. Though they aren't accepting general applications they liked my blog and felt we'd make a good match.

Just one more thing. I think most (though not necessarily all) women who have ads on their page are doing it for the same reason, they love blogging, spend a lot of time doing building a following, and have worked hard to maintain it. If they can reap a small reward for that hard work then so be it. It's their choice.

I know, I don't usually ramble on and on like this and hopefully I haven't put my foot in my mouth like I tend to do in these situations. I appreciate any feedback you can give me. If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment, you may email me instead. sharon01@comcast.net

Thank you,


abb said...

More power to you! The ads in no way compromise the quality of your blog. Love your doggies.

Susan said...

Hi Sharon...I think it's great you have BlogHer ads on your blog! You go girl! Also love your photographs. Have a good day and make your own sunshine! Sincerely, Susan

Chrissykat said...

First, your dogs are beyond adorable (Lily just makes me smile huge!). Second, I love your photos & I love New England. Living so far away from the area, your blog is a wonderful way to feel as though I am there. And third, isn't it amazing that so many people can have an opinion on what you should do with YOUR blog...it is YOUR blog!...you do whatever you want & need to do with it! We are all just lucky that you do it at all!!! So there! Have a great week!

Erin | Bygone Living said...

"When you have ducks in your backyard where you don't usually even have a pond, then you know it's been raining, a LOT!"
This made me LOL.

You have such adorable doggies!♥

And as for the BlogHer ads, they don't bother me at all (I didn't even noticed them, to be quite honest)! It's your blog, so you should be able to do whatever you'd like with it... and I completely understand the money-issue; I'm constantly trying to sell my photographs online! It's extremely tough.

Considering the condition of our economy, everyone should understand the need for a few extra bucks.

My name is Riet said...

Oh dear Sharon don't apologize for what you put on your blog. That is nobodies business. I love love your blog and your photo's. You are my inspiration since I started photographing. Sorry to hear that selling your photo's is difficult.They are so beautiful. Your dogs are adorable .I can see Winston doesn;t like it when you tell us he will do his business in the house. LOL

The Curious Cat said...

I hadn't noticed the ads...and why should it bother people? It is your blog...no one has to click on them if they don't want to - i've never heard of these kinds of ads anyway...

Love your little doggies...winston's face is so funny! :) xxx

Laura said...

I say, "go for it" on the ads - it does not take away from your beautiful blog! And I love Lily's sweet face - ahhh, the smell of a wet dog - clean and weird all at the same time! Sorry to hear you've had a rough month, and hoping the upcoming ones are better for you and your family!

Country Girl said...

It's your blog and you can do what you want to, do what you want to, do what you want . . . do you have 'It's My Party' stuck in your head yet?
I put ads on my blog for the same reason and know what? It's nobody's business but your own. I will still come here because I love seeing your beautiful photographs and what is happening in your part of the world. I didn't even notice the ad.
And your dogs, especially Lily, are adorable! Raining cats and dogs here too in Maryland.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Aww - Look at those sweet faces. I have seen the news and what that part of the country is dealing with. :(
First of all - I did not even notice the ads. Even if it was not a difficult time, you have the right to do what you want to with your blog. I have read some posts, where a blogger asked readers opinions what they thought should or should not be on blogs. I was amazed at the fact that so many readers thought everyone should do things a certain way or they were criticized. If we all did the same thing, blogging would be boring and I would have to get off the computer and get some work done around here. :-D If someone does not like what you put on your blog, then they should surf on by as no one is forcing them to visit.
I have considered advertising on mine also.
Sharon - This is your blog - Do what YOU want to do.
Advertise away - I enjoy seeing your photos and hearing about your part of the country.
Hope you are having a great week!

Kerri Farley said...

Lily is ADORABLE and so is Winston ~ you have captured them PERFECTLY!

I say go for it with the Ads. My goodness it's hard to make ends meet in this economy!!


Carolynn Anctil said...

Lily is the cutest little muffin. I love her little nose & her big eyes.

Winston sounds like a bit of a scoundrel.

Too bad about that rain. I do hope it dries out for you soon.

Ummmm...what ads....? I didn't actually notice them. (sorry BlogHer, you probably didn't want to hear that).

As far as I'm concerned, it's your blog. You do what you want with it. No explanation necessary or required. I hope it pays dividends and that you're back on your feet again soon.

The Retired One said...

Adorable dogs, Sharon! I wouldn't worry about people's response to the ads...their widget is small on your sidebar (I have to admit I didn't even see it as being new there until you mentioned it).
The only thing I find offensive on blogs is when people do blogposts to "sell" or do testimony to sell things...I read them thinking they are good blogposts and then realize half way through they are ads for pushing a product..I have left many, many of those blogs..who wants to read an Ad, right? But your sidebar is very subtle and if it brings you income, I say go for it!

Sea Witch said...

Girl, times are tough, you do what you gotta do. Frankly, I didn't even notice them as I was attracted to the sweet doggies you shared. Such a delightful post and you don't need to apologize for the side bars. I hope they are successful for you. Sea Witch

Phyllis said...

Hey Sharon,

I didn't realize you wer an interior painter - obviously missed reading something on your blog.

I wondered why some blogs have ads on them; I don't really pay attention to them for the most part.

Yep - this economy stinks. My 14 1/2 month ordeal might be over; will know tomorrow!

Elaine said...

Oh my gosh, your Lily photos are so cute!

Sorry to hear about the financial issues. I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by the economy.

How fantastic that you were accepted for the adds. I'd love to do it too but no way do I have the following. That's why I'm trying to blog more often, to build up a following.

I hope you make lots of $$$ with the ads. I don't mind them at all.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Oy Vey indeed!! I am so sorry to hear about the rain but even worse that you hare having such a tough time Sharon. Things are not easy anymore but some people are finding themselves in very uncomfortable position. I hope everything improves for you and your family soon.

Jan's camera said...

Hi, that was very thoughtful of you to even consider having to explain about the ads. They don't bother me a bit. And your dogs are so cute. They hate the rain just like the rest of us.

Unknown said...

Lily likes to let the wind dry her hair mom, haven't you heard of a salon blow out? I hope you have tons of blossoms when the rains clear out. And the ads look perfectly fine, that is a great company to use for advertising and they are very picky about who they work with, yes?? Way to go talented lady! Though I do think your work is as or more professional than any other photographer blogs I've ever seen.

Ellen said...

It's your blog, you are in charge! Don't mind the BlogHer ads at all. Adore Lily and Winston! Precious, precious.

Cedar ... said...

You sure have been hammered with the rain,... we're a bit luckier here in the Adirondacks. I don't mind the ads,.. and i wish you luck with jobs, and all. And i also wish you SUNSHINE!

Mary said...

The sun came out today -- yay!!! Hope it came out down east for you too. Now let me say this:

Your dogs are soooooooo cute!!! Seriously, they ought to be in pictures. Well, actually they are. Thanks for sharing them with us.

As for the ads -- you go girl! I will be putting the BlogHer ads on Little Red House soon, too. And I was heartened to see how tasteful they look on your blog. Don't feel you have to apologize or explain yourself to anyone -- it's your blog! Hope things will soon be looking up for you economy and weather-wise. :)

MaggieGem said...

Sharon, sorry to hear the hard times and uncertainty you're going through and hope all gets better soon! Your blog is phenomenal and if you can gain some reward from it, go for it!

Unfortunately in these economic times there is hardship beyond our comprehension.

Frances said...

I know what you mean about having ducks where you shouldn't because of the rain. I actually have a pond behind my house where there wasn't one last year. And ---a mallard pair have been swimming and eating in it the past few weeks. I'm sure by summer the pond will be no more.

I'm hoping the rain will ease up in your parts and bring back the sunny skies!!!!! Gray, rainy days just kindof bring you down after awhile.

Your dogs are so cute!!!!! Love them -- and want to give them hugs because they are so stinking cute!!!!!!!!

Oh, and don't you fret or think twice about putting the ads out there!!!!

I have faith that things will turn around and get better! You hang in there!

Sending sunshine and happy thoughts your way!

Keep posting your amazing photographs!!!!

Erica Houskeeper said...

Hi Sharon,

Don't give the ads a second thought. I didn't even notice them!

I just wanted to let you know that your photos are incredible and your blog is always such a pleasure to read. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Vermont pics, too!


Jayne said...

I think there's not a darn thing wrong with possibly reaping something from all the work you put into creating and sharing your blog Sharon. I love how companies like Amazon will allow people to benefit by being a "partner." And, BlogHer is the same. I hope the addition will help some. Blessings to you!

Mary said...

Sharon, your blog is lovely, attractive, and tasteful. Your photos are wonderful, too. You and I share the same camera, and yes, it has its limits. What you do with yours is great! Your talent is seeing a beautiful landscape and cute doggies that make me smile and LAUGH.

Hey, I advertised for the first time and got seeds. LOL!


Mary said...

I wonder if Bella would like a Pug. I wanna Pug!!!