Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Forever & Ever


I bought new Hydrangea’s

New hydrangea

They’re called Forever & Ever ~ Together Hydrangea

I fell in love with the double flowers and multiple colors. Have you ever seen anything like them before? They were $11 each at Lowes so I brought home 7 to plant out in front of my house. My husband worked until almost 9:00 at night getting them all in the ground, while I trimmed the out-of-control Wisteria and Double-flowering Cherry tree.

It might be almost July but I think the garden if finally coming together.



Lily and winston in the flowers

My sweet Lily



New hydranea 2

A somewhat rustic view of the new Hydrangea’s. Some flowers have more green than others. This particular flower was all pink, though they are all the same variety. Another thing I like about the Together Hydrangea is that it’s low growing. Only 25”.  high. Most are up around 36”, which won’t work for the low windows in the front of our house.


 Winston hydrangeas Winston! You better not pee on the new flowers!

He looks guilty already.


Char said...

LOL pugs always look guilty. or mine do anyway - gorgeous hydrangeas. :)

and of course, beautiful shots.

clairz said...

Beautiful pastel colors, and the dogs just fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Handsome and Missy have peed on every bush, flower and tree in our yard! And Missy has been poo poo-ing on the sidewalk because sometimes she's just too lame in the legs to make it off the sidewalk in time.. my poor little girl.

Pee wherever you want, Winston! Life is too short.


Laura said...

Love the pinks and greens! And yes, Winston looks like he doesn't really care that you don't want him to pee on the new flowers!

Susan said...

Beautiful flowers, Sharon, and cute dogs, too. Hope Winston behaved himself! Susan

My name is Riet said...

Beautiful hydrangea's Sharon and Winston is asking you what you are talking about. :))

Angela said...

I've never seen anything like those! They're very unique! I bet they look beautiful in your yard!

Jayne said...

Oooooo.... those are exquisite Sharon! I've never seen any like them. Can't wait to see the shot of all of them lined up and in bloom. :c) Sweet doggies too.

Rural Rambler said...

The hydrangeas are beautiful Sharon and those are the cutest pupper lawn ornaments you have there. Can't believe how clean and white Lily is! She is a cute girlie. And of course Winston is a handsome pup. No peeing on the flowers Winston!

altar ego said...

I love hydrangeas--they remind me so much of New England summers. These are gorgeous! Here in the good ol' south I spend a lot of time watering my hydrangeas--worth it, but something to keep in mind if I want to add more to the garden. But you're tempting me here!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful hydrangeas.
Two cut dogs. Winston you better behave - Mom is going to get you! :-D

Hula Girl at Heart said...

He probably IS guilty already. :)

I love, love, love hydrangeas. They're one of my very favorites. I have a hydrangea bush that came from my grandma's house when she died. She had two large ones that flanked her front porch for many years, and I have fond memories of picking them when I wasn't supposed to.

Marianne said...

What unique flowers! I've never seen that color of hydrangea before.

Gayle said...

Totally gorgeous, you were so smart to by 7!! They are a celebration of fireworks in themselves! The puppies are so darling. How is the kitty?
San Diego

The Curious Cat said...

awww! Long time no visit - been on holiday! Loving the new look of the site! Winston looks so indignant!!! Hee hee! xxx

The Retired One said...

Amazing flower pictures, and the ones with the dogs in the flowers are wonderful too!

Unknown said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! I so love hydrangeas! I've been following for awhile and would love to exchange links.


LunaMoonbeam said...

What beautiful hydrangeas!!

Random tidbit: In China, hydrangeas are called "sau kau faa", which means Wedding Bouquet Flowers. Because...can you guess? One little snip off the bush, and you have yourself a modest, prim little wedding bouquet! LOL

Erin | Bygone Living said...

They're so beautiful... and so are your dogs! ♥

Country Girl said...

I love the pink.

and the pups are beautiful, too!

Valerie @ Intelligent Expressions said...

What unique blooms! Love the colors

Pat said...

I just LOVE those flowers! I'll have to tell my sister, Linda MARTHA STEWART, as I like to call her! She has a beautiful yard and is constantly buying flowers!

You, also have Lovely Lily in your family, only yours is the four-legged kind, but just as cute!

I agree. Winston looks guilty! LOL!