Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Early morning in New Castle

4 chairs ocean view faded

Don’t you love those Adirondack chairs? Imagine having that view on a daily basis, watching the boats come and go through the harbor, as well as the big tankers.

I’m just having fun messing around with Picnik. I like it so much that I subscribed for a year! Using Photoshop constantly is starting to wear on me, plus my younger daughter loves what she can do with Picnik and all her profile photos for facebook.


Don’t you love a juvenile Robin? Those spots are too cute!

My blog has been active for just over 2 years now, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to lose my drive. How much longer I’ll stay with it I’m not sure. Hopefully I’ll get a second wind, soon! 

Bench and hydrangea

Going to New Castle on a warm summer morning was something I loved doing last year, and went many times. This year I’ve yet to go. Of course lately it’s been so darned hot and humid in the morning that I don’t want to go anywhere! After last Summer’s month and a half of rain, I’m trying not to complain. Yesterday and the day before it was pretty brutal outside.

morning on the water

Speaking of Adirondack chairs, I’m about to paint ours, from a deep forest green to a red color. I’ll try to show it to you when I’m done. We’re also going to paint the house yellow (it’s a grey-green right now), re-stain the decks, and repaint the railings on the front porch. Just saying all that makes me sigh. Luckily my husband is quite ambitious.

Are you enjoying the Summer? Doing anything special? Is it blazing hot where you live, too?


Judy said...

Hot is not even beginning to describe the weather here! At least you have the ocean...
I love the last photo, something about the light!!
Today, I decided there were books to be read, and simply stayed indoors (one of the perks of working on the weekends)

Elaine said...

Oh yeah you know how hot it was where I live since I don't live far from you.

Will have to check out your neck of the woods. It's so pretty. No real plans other than the Vineyard in mid August.

Hoping to relax this Summer.

I do hope you keep up your blog I do enjoy reading about you, your travels, your life, your pets.

Karin said...

As soon as I say, "Oh, it's just lovely here and not too hot," it will probably turn unbearable. So, I won't say it, lol!!! Lovely photos!

Erin | Bygone Living said...

Such beautiful pictures! It is HOT here-- hit 100 degrees yesterday! Phew...

Susannah said...

I absolutely adore your pictures. It is especially pleasing to come to your blog and get such an uplift. I hope you do not stop!

Very hot the Finger Lakes of western NY. Hope it lets up soon.

Thank you for allowing me to share in the beauty of your pictures.


Anonymous said...

Totally blazing hot here. I rarely leave the house except to take Missy out to potty.

Adirondack chairs? Oh how I love them and even went looking for some last week at a pool furniture shop. They were fabulously bright colors and made of recycled poly resin and they were asking $293.00 per chair!! Needless to say I came home without.

Picnik sounds like fun for a change. I'll have to check it out.


Country Girl said...

Just hearing you say all that is making me feel very lazy. Like maybe I should have big plans, too!
I can share your feelings over the blogging thing. I just do mine now because it's what I do. It's a way to stay connected. Or something.

We're going to Maine again. Does that count as something special?

PS ~ Love the header.

Char said...

i'm with kate about the blogging thing - i've been waning too. i want to stay connected with friends that i've made but don't want to bore anyone.

have fun with the new program!

Susan said...

Nice photos, as always, Sharon. Yes, I am definitely enjoying the summer. Planning a B&B stay in Vermont soon. That should be fun. Also love going to farmers' markets, swimming, and, of course, working my the blog. Yeah, it's as hot as hell's kitchen here, that's for sure. Whew! Take care. Susan

Jayne said...

This heat makes me want to only do projects indoors! To that end, we will soon rip out our yucky fiberglass shower stall in the master bath and get it tiled. I am so looking forward to it. Not the mess, but the easier clean up for sure! Stay cool Sharon!

Mary said...

Yes, it's been a raging inferno here in NJ, too. Four straight days above 100. Today is supposed to be 93 but with much higher humidity... so, hell.

I know what you mean about blogging -- it begins to take on a life of it's own that has nothing to do with why you began it in the first place. Like anything else, you need a break from it once in awhile...

Wishing you clear skies and cool temps! Oh, and I love your new hydrangeas, too. :)

Unknown said...

Hi lady, no, don't cancel the show! It's my favorite! : ) We have red adirondack chairs on the deck and I love them. They are so cheerful. Are you going to keep yours on the deck? I hope you'll post pix when you are done.
hugs from toasty Texas...

Marianne said...

Don't you dare stop blogging! Your photos and comments are wonderful and I look forward to each new post.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes - Hot and Humid!
Don't stop completely - just take breaks on occasion.
Always enjoy your photos.

Teri said...

I would be so sad if you give up blogging!! I love following your interesting life and LOVE the many times I picture myself in your photos..what a great escape! Here's hoping for renewed inspiration for blogging!

Kerri Farley said...

Really really HOT here! I know what it's like to "burn out" a bit. Maybe you just need a little break! Always enjoy seeing what you have posted :)

Can't wait to see the chairs and house ~~ you have quite the honeydo list :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

I've definitely cut back on the frequency of my blogging. I don't want to quit though. Too many friends I've made that I don't want to lose touch with.

Beautiful photos, as usual. It's finally warmed up here. I'm loving it actually, although it feels like the weather went from cold & wet to hot & dry literally overnight. It's a bit difficult to adjust to, but I'm not complaining. Keep it coming!

Pearl Maple said...

That is a lovely view and like the idea of hot red chairs. Blogging has its moments and we all have days when it needs a rest but then comes along some bright new fun folks to meet or a themed party and off we go again.

Carole said...

Please don't stop blogging....that would make me really sad. Maybe a blog break. Sometimes that's all we need to get some perspective on it.
I tried Picknik(sp?) but didn't really like it.
It's been bloody hot here too.

BTW...I signed up for blogfrog months ago but don't really understand the followers thing on it...but thanks for following anyways!

Becky said...

Hope you don't give it up too soon. I love seeing Rye and the surrounding areas that I used to visit. Don't know when I will get back that way again. Maybe one day I will be surprised and see you've taken a photo of my aunt's little house on Wallis Road in Rye!

The Retired One said...

Oh, Sharon, you CAN'T quit your just can't! I need to see your photos to help me keep motivated..they are always sooo beautiful! I haven't tried the photo program you are using, it looks like it has some nice special effects.
Maybe you can go to only once a week blogging and you won't get so burned out? I know when I stopped doing daily blogging it really I just do every other day or so...and I don't feel so pressured.
Just. Don't. Quit!!
Our weather here has been so humid and hot and then we got days of off and on rain...days and days like that. Now today it was nice...almost 80, sunny and breezy!!

My name is Riet said...

Hi Sharon. It is the same here, very hot and humid. We ususally have lots of rain in the summer so this is different .
I hope you are not quitting your blog, I love coming here and your photo's are always beautiful.
Blogging every day was a lot of pressure for me too so I go every other day or so now.
Have a good day.

Karen said...

As much as I have enjoyed your blog and pictures I would TOTALLY understand if you just wanted to quit. If it's not a ton of fun to do and starts to be a 'have to' thing and then you feel guilty for not devoting a large chunk of your day to it - well . . to me that would be time to quit or at least take a long, long break. You may not be feeling any of these things, but you certainly must be tired! I can't imagine doing all of this . . . I have so enjoyed your blog because the focus hasn't been all about you (most of the blogs out there - oy!) but your beloved New England. THANK YOU!

Pat said...

It's hot and humid in the Midwest, too. I've been down and out with a dang summer cold and cough. It's a bad one so I've been lying low, reading, bloging and watching TV. Today the humidity lifted so I sat outside in the shade for awhile. It opened up my lungs a little bit.

Maybe you just need a break from your blog. I've seen some people do that. Take a week or two off and regroup.

Blooming Rose Musings said...

You absolutely can not give up this wonderful blog! I have been enjoying it so much. I live in California but I am originally from upstate NY and New England. I would miss you dearly. I am a fairly new blogger and would love you to hop over and visit. I believe I have been reading your blog for over a year. Thank you and please don't stop!

Anonymous said...

I hope you find your second wind. Even if you have to take an occassional break. Love reading your blog and looking at your photos.
Lynda in Michigan.