Friday, September 3, 2010

Marina sunset

Last night I decided to catch the sunset at a local marina. The problem was that I waited until about 6:45 to leave my house. Not smart since the sun sets around 7:13. However I was sure I'd catch the last brilliant rays as it sank into the distance. I could see from the road, a burning orange color, blazing across the water. Only a couple more minutes and I'll be there . . .

Apparently there were clouds on the horizon because I missed it. I was kicking myself for not leaving the house 5 minutes earlier! Live and learn.

It was a calm, soothing evening. Pink was the dominant color. The ducks weren't complaining a bit. People were tying up their boats in anticipation of hurricane Earl. So far we have nothing but a LOT of humidity and some drizzle. Who knows what tonight will bring.

Tomorrow my niece and her fiance are getting married ... in my parents backyard. Everyone is hoping for good weather, without all the humidity. So far the forecast is for a beautiful Saturday. Over 150 people are expected to attend and there's no way they can fit in my parents house, even if it is good sized. In the morning I'll be making bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. All she wants are simple blue and white Hydrangeas bouquets, which shouldn't be to difficult.

I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging in the coming week or so. Carpal Tunnel seems to be getting the best of me. My wrist/arm is constantly in a splint but it's not helping all that much. Maybe because I still text with my family, tweet, Facebook, and surf the web. Old habits die hard. I'm becoming pretty skilled with my left hand! Anyone have some helpful tips? I thought using the Bamboo pen tablet might relieve some of the pain, but it hasn't.

This was the very last shot I took as I was leaving the marina. It was warm, humid, and sultry. Kind of like a southern evening.
That sun sure does know how to work it's magic.


The Retired One said...

I love the pink overcast and the calm waters...maybe these are the shots you were meant to take after all..they are gorgeous.
Have fun at the wedding, my you do so much!!

sheila lynch said...

I love your photos and your writing!
I had carpal tunnel and I got rid of my mouse and went back to my IMac laptop with rollerpad and click bar. All my carpal tunnel went away. I think mouse action is the worst offender more than typing. It worked for me. I hope you get some relief, i know how painful it can be.

Susan said...

Lovely, calm, and peaceful shots. Susan

Karin said...

Oh, such lovely shots! So soothing and relaxing. Would have loved just to sit there and enjoy!

For my carpal tunnel I went for acupuncture, which took care of it!
I also did hand exercises - touching fingers and thumbs at their tips to make a steeple and then gently stretching, then raising elbows out to the side, and turning the steeple towards you gently. Good stretches! Must be something visual on Google!

All the best!

Erin | Bygone Living said...

What gorgeous pictures- particularly the last one!

Congrats on your niece's wedding; hope the weather turns out nicely!

Hoping you find alleviation for your pain ♥

Cindy said...

Beautiful end to a day Sharon. Hope tomorrow goes well and congratulations to your neice. Sorry your hand is hurting. I wish I knew of something to help. Hope it feels better soon. I can't believe Earl is going up the cost of the US. I'm sorry for all that will be affected but I sure am glad he didn't come to Florida. Stay safe and have a wonderful Saturday. ~Cindy

Mary said...

Beautiful images, Sharon! Hope you win the weather lottery tomorrow... will you be photographing the wedding?

Sounds like you need a break from all that typing. Take care of yourself!!!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Great photos! I hate it when I miss a sunset too.... especially when you get there and you just know that it was incredibly beautiful about two minute before you arrived. Oh well, there is always tomorrow :)

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, as always. I hate when I miss the sunsets too, but I have found that the sky is just as beautiful, if not more, just after the sun goes down. These photos are proof of that. They have such a peaceful and tranquil feel to them.

Pat said...

Looks like you really didn't miss anything; as these pictures are gorgeous with that pink splash of color.

As far as your carpal tunnel goes, sounds like you need to take a serious break from blogging, texting, Facebook, etc, hell, the COMPUTER, and take some anti-inflammatory drugs and rest your hand. Hope you feel better soon.

Jayne said...

The pink skies were still so beautiful Sharon. I had to have a CT release on my left wrist back in 1999, and I keep my right wrist splinted at night. Mine only acts up in the daytime hours if I overuse my wrists, like when we moved. I use a wave keyboard for wrist support, and so far, so good. When I had to have the left done, it was so bad I could not even open my hand all the way. There is no pain like it, and the release provided immediate relief. I was recovered within a couple of weeks and have never regretted doing it. You might see about having it injected with some steroids. Sometimes that will calm things down, though it's not pleasant to have it done. Good luck!

A New England Life said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm trying to rest my right wrist as much as possible but it's not easy. Since it was feeling better last night I figured it was a good time to blog. A few nights ago I could barely move my hand at all. Advil seems to help though.

I will be shooting the wedding this afternoon, Mary, but on my own time. She has hired someone for professional photos. A friend she went to photography school with, I think.

Hope you all have a great Saturday! Hurricane Earl is out of here and the humidity if finally dying down! It should be a nice day to say 'I Do'

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel. I suffered with it some years ago but it seems to have disappeared. Now it's just one shoulder that gives me fits.

Wish I had the answer for relieving your pain.

Your photos are lovely and the sun provided you with the perfect pink tones.


Erica Houskeeper said...

Beautiful photos Sharon! Hope the carpal tunnel goes away and that you feel better soon.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So pretty and peaceful looking. I was starting to have symptoms of carpal tunnel in my right hand/wrist (some days would be on the computer for hours), but rarely have a problem since quit working. Hope it gets better for you.
Enjoy the wedding!

Susannah said...

Sincerely hope the wrist improves. You can't give up talking to family and friends on the computer!!! That is how I talk to my sister and nieces a few times a week. The break from it all might make a big improvement in your wrist though. Good luck!

Gorgeous pictures. I felt like I was right there with you. You may have been 5 minutes late but your pictures don't show it. Very nice.

Elaine said...

Pink water, how cool! Lovely sunset shots. So peaceful, the lull before the storm?

Turns out it wasn't that bad here. Just rain and wind. It is supposed to be an active hurricane season however. And the humidity was disgusting wasn't it?

Today was a fabulous day, perfect for a wedding!

Country Girl said...

I love your pink as a predominant color. And I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with the carpal tunnel. So sorry I don't have advice for that. It makes me thankful for what you are able to show us from your beautiful part of the world, my friend.

Lisa said...

How very very beautiful and peaceful . I love the pink. I had a problem with my wrist a few years ago . I gave up knitting and rested it for so long. It ok now.