Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fuller Gardens, continued

Although my days have been quite busy I wanted to share a few more photos from my trip to Fuller Gardens

Meanwhile my own gardens are fading fast. All the beautiful, bright yellow Daisy's I once had have pretty much died. Sunday afternoon I spent a lot of time cutting them back, along with the hosta flowers, hydrangeas, and other slightly misshapen plants. I really try to keep up with everything because I hate looking at dead flowers/leaves.

How about you? How is your garden looking?

Cool air is working it's way into New England during the evening. The flowers feel it. The birds feel it. The tree's feel it. And they are all reacting.

A few days in a row we had large groups of various Swallows swarming over our yard and surrounding fields, all feeding and gathering together to make the trip South. How can it be that time already??? A few orange leaves are popping out on the Maple trees. Early Macs are making their arrival known. Even the smell of the air seems a bit different.

And Monday my younger daughter heads back to school. Provided Irene doesn't give us flooding rains that is.

In the Japanese Garden: Overlooking the roses, and a heron statue in front of the Koi pond

In the Front Garden

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I just wanted to say . . . I have been overwhelmed by the response to my post 'It's a dog life at the beach'. I honestly had no idea it would be so moving to so many of you, however, anyone who has loved an animal, and lost their beloved companion, knows that feeling of devastation.

Thank you to those who shared the post on facebook and through emails. As a blogger you just never know what type of emotion a post will evoke. I'm glad this particular post was accepted with grace instead of disapproval at photographing such a personal moment.


El said...

How did I miss this place? It's gorgeous. Beautiful photos too. Thanks for the info!

Unknown said...

What lovely photos!

Laura said...

Such beautiful colors, Sharon! And every time I think of that man and his dog at the beach, I get teary eyed. Too bad you don't know him - he might love to have that photo.

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Beautiful gardens...love the roses and the dahlia.

Enjoy the last days of summer

Janet xox

Olivia StClaire said...

What a gorgeous place! I really must blog if only to post beautiful photos! You're always an inspiration! xxx

Angela said...

This looks like my kind of place! Lovely photos!

Marianne said...

I do miss dahlias, wish I could grow them here. Thanks for more stunning photos!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing the pretty flowers. So hot for so long, the flowers are pretty much gone here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos....love the heron statue and the water fountain. Autumn is showing up in our area, too. Our burning bushes are just starting to turn, as well as some leaves starting to fall. I'm not ready to say "good-bye" to summer, yet!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely place, Sharon! So sad your own flowers are dying.. actually, mine are pretty much dead too. I noticed that stores are selling chrysanthemums already!

Unknown said...

Sharon, what a lovely, lovely garden! Your shots certainly do it justice.
Our weather is a changing too. It's been a short summer here and I cling to the hope that we still have a month of it to go! But it rarely seems to go that way!

Melissa said...

Such lovely shots!

♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Meanderings

Stephanie said...

I've missed your last few posts - my security program was blocking you! bad, bad program! - but what a delight to come back to this! gorgeous photos of gorgeous flowers!

Lynda said...

It looks so beautiful here Sharon! My garden is fading too - much too quickly! Enjoy these last summer days. xo

Pamela Gordon said...

These gardens are beautiful and it's nice to see more of them. Yes, there is a definite fall feel to the air isn't there? However, my gardens, baskets and pots are still thriving. I'm really hoping Irene fizzles out before it gets here. We've sure had enough rain this summer. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

Janice Badger Nelson said...

Sharon, Forgot to mention that I posted a link to your dogs at the beach post on the Well Blog in the NY Times. There were only 4 comments, mine was chosen as an editor's pick. I posted another favorite blog site there (about dogs also--the Adventures of Tom and Atticus--a NH writer coming out with a book 9/20 that will be a smash hit called "Following Atticus") and he received 1200 hits from that one link in a day. Anyway, here is the link to that post and my comment (#4).

I love your blog. It is like a warm cup of tea on a cold day :-)

barbara l. hale said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place! I will have to put that on my list of places to go next summer.

Country Girl said...

I was wondering how I missed this post and then realized how busy I've been trying to get ready for school that we hope will start Monday. I say we hope because the hurricane is going on right now and I have no idea how things will be by Monday. xo

Carole said...

OMG I forgot that post about the dog. Getting teary eyed all over again.
I wanted to come over and see the rest of the garden post but I've been so busy.
What an amazing garden and greenhouse. Love the virginia creeper growing along side it. We have on at the front of one of ours. It's like a weed.

I have had to cut a lot back too. Kind of feels good though. If it wasn't raining I was going to replant something pretty:)