Sunday, December 4, 2011

A party and some pretties

Last night we had the good fortune of being invited to a wonderful, private Christmas party.

It's been far to long since my husband and I dressed up to go anywhere, and though I know he wasn't particularly thrilled, he went with me and we had a good time. There was plenty of good, catered food, open bar with bartenders, and about 150 people. All in one beautiful, old house! 

Cocktail chic was the attire of the night. I tried my best. The image is rather poor as it was taken with my iphone in low light.

On to my new iMac

Yes, I'm still struggling with it, but every day I seem to learn a little bit more. 

Today I learned that when I reformatted my hard drive I lost all the elements, backgrounds, etc, I'd used for making headers, along with some other downloads I had. Yeah, that was not my finest moment. Since the closest Apple store is an hour away I may have to go to the local computer store and have someone help me sort all my files and put things in order. Half the time I can't find what I'm looking for and it's making me crazy.

The flowers were from my trip to Rhode Island in late May. Ranunculus aren't that common in my area so it was so nice to photograph them. Their soft and delicate petals along with variegated shades make them wonderful to work with.  On the iMac I feel like I'm finally seeing the color of my images for the first time. And sometimes it's not pretty. But at least I can fix it.

I hope you had a wonderful week-end! Did you do anything special? Decorate? Shop? Lunch with a friend? Take some time for yourself?

We put our tree up today. Although we searched everywhere for a white tree like this, it was not to be, so for the first time in the 20 years my husband and I have been married we bought a real tree! A Concolor fir. My husband even cut it down. Oh, it's so pretty, with long light colored needles and the smell of citrus, it's not like any Christmas tree I had while growing up. Both the girls were very happy to finally have a REAL tree!

Thank you for visiting my little blog. Hopefully my header will be back in order soon! Have a good Monday!


sheila lynch said...

love that you are back blogging, fancy party, woo hoo. I love ranuculus, so wonderful, beautiful shots. I like your background, vey soothing, hopefully you will be mac literate in no time. we are taking our holiday chores very slowly, lights up today, so nice and cheery, make me feel in the spirit, tree next weekend.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Tiny monkey tree is up in the family room, small white tree in my office is up and a rickety silver one is sitting on the kitchen counter. Wish I had the patience for a real tree. You look sooo pretty in the photo all dressed up. Makes me think of the days when I had parties to go to and would dress very similar to that. Glad you had fun!

Kerri said...

I think you look FANTASTIC!! How fun for you and your hubby!

Your flowers are beauties as well :)

Marianne said...

Very glam, Sharon! And the posies are beautiful!

Oliag said...

You look perfectly marvelous in that little black dress!:)

Love these flower pictures...beautiful processing! I am enjoying reading about your experiences with the MAC...right now I am thinking I will be sticking with a pc.

Donna said...

Computer problems are so frustrating! I hope everything gets fixed and figured out soon.
I'm very happy for you that you got a real tree! I love real Christmas trees! They smell so good and there is something just magical about them.
That fancy party sounds like it was a lot of fun. You looked really nice!

Susan said...

You looked lovely! Enjoy the tree!

injoyinmylife said...

Can't wait to see the tree. Since we aren't having one this year, I'm getting my fix by looking at everyone else's. I've decorated but since we are visiting family over Christmas, we just decided not to get a tree.

Gayle said...

Gorgeous dress and lady. What beautiful flowers. Hang in there the Mac is worth it. Being a teacher, we learned on Macs and have always had one. When I use my son's PC I am constantly amazed at how much more difficult each process is. Macs can do things in ONE step where PCs take 5. Sheesh! I LOOOOOOOOVE my Mac. Hope we get to see your pretty tree.

Jesse said...

You have done an amazing job with the photos!! don't give up on your mac! Once you get used to it you will love how quickly you can do things. =)

Glad you guys had fun at the party too! It is rare that we get to get dressed up like that either. Can't really think of the last time.


Georgianna said...

Well, you look gorgeous, very cocktail chic indeed! It's been a long time since I attended such a party, too.

I do so hope you grow to love your Mac. My life would not be the same without the creative freedom that using a Mac has given me all these years. I'm thankful for it every day.

Have a lovely Sunday!

xo – g

Lisa RedWillow said...

You look so beautiful Sharon, Nice and thin and in shape.
Glad you got out. I would love to go also , wear my pearls and well you know. . I would not know what to do with one Im sure.
now its my hip, back and could be what you had.