Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas crafts and little white lights

I am not a big craft person but when I saw this one on Pinterest . . .

. . . I thought 'How tough can that be!' Not to mention it's a cute, simple gift idea that I know I would love receiving.

So a few days ago I went out and bought the bulbs for $1.29 each, the glass jars at the Dollar store, and purple ribbon at Walmart for $3.79. We already had soil. Oh, and I bought of bag of sphagnum moss, also at the Dollar store. 

Just a couple days before Christmas I'll wrap ribbons around all the jars (so they don't accidentally get water stained in the mean time), add a touch of moss, and print out Georgianna's gorgeous tags she has offered up to her readers. And if you aren't a reader of G's blog, you should be!  

On Christmas day I'll attach the tags with brown twine just before giving them out to the ladies in the family. 

I've made one extra, just in case ; )

You know you want one. Seriously.

Speaking of crafts, my younger daughter, Elise, is about the craftiest young lady I know. She see's an idea she likes and it takes her about 2 seconds to whip it up! Not to mention she has come up with some pretty good ideas of her own too. She's like a mini-Martha Stewart.

We had seen these necklaces at a local shop one day and I think they were asking close to $30 for them. Elise came home and looked them up online, then we went to Joann's so she could buy the materials.

Aren't they adorable?! 

Yesterday I bought some bird charms she could attach. I know she's giving several to her friends for Christmas (and one to her bird brained mom, of course).  She had also asked me to list some of them on my blog for $10 each, in case anyone wanted to buy one, however, I'm not sure which ones are for sale and which ones aren't. Her weeks are busy with school and homework so she hasn't given it much thought. If she figures it out I'll let you know!

My little birdie

I love the glass candle goblet I found at TJ Maxx yesterday for $6.99!! That's a 'WooHoo' deal!

Can you feel the stress yet? LOL! Just think, less than a week until the shortest day of the year. Then we start going the other way! If that isn't something to look forward to I don't know what is.

I hope you have a wonderful week-end whether it be out there with the masses, spending time with family and friends, or just being in a quiet place. My favorite place to be.

* Don't forget Pioneer Woman's holiday TV special starts tomorrow, if you're interested


Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Sharon, your daughter's jewellry is sweet. I've seen these everywhere lately. I was just thinking today about Dec. 21st - the shortest day - and that soon the turn around would happen. Then I remembered we'll have 4 months of snow and cold up here after that! Oh well. So far it's been unseasonably mild so I won't complain. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Pamela

Rosie said...

I'm not crafty either, but I love that idea with the paper whites. They'll look so pretty with the purple ribbon around the jar....okay, now I want one! Those necklaces are sweet...they're going to make a great gift! I started feeling the stress a couple of days ago, but just got down to business, so it's passed...can't wait to start seeing the days getting a little longer, though!

Carol Mattingly said...

I wished I was a crafty person. Unfortunately I don't have that bone in my body or maybe it's a gene. Love the images and love those blue ribbons. Carol

Laura said...

Love the cute necklaces! And your crafty project turned out nicely too, Sharon!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Love the beauty of these simple, hand crafted gifts. They're going to make lovely gifts for friends or family. The purple ribbons really add a great touch, Sharon. They're perfect!

Gone Country said...

Gorgeous photos!

What great craft/gift ideas! I love making gifts and being 'crafty'! I should check out Pinterest but I'm afraid my mind would explode with all the fabulous ideas on there!

I'm almost finished with the shopping. Two more gifts to buy and then some food. I'm going to town today to finish up but other than that... I'm relaxing this weekend!

Have a great weekend!

Carolynn said...

I think those are lovely gifts - the bulbs AND the necklaces. Very professional, too.

injoyinmylife said...

The bulbs are going to be so beautiful. You take such lovely pictures. I love the necklaces. I think both you and your daughter are very crafty.

Phyllis said...

Hi Sharon,

I've missed you and finally visiting your "other" blog. I've changed my blo roll so I can keep up with you now - or try to.

The jars/bulbs are a fantastic idea. I think I'm going to have to copy that since Christmas is extra lean this year. And I've seen those little bird nest necklaces before and wanted to make some myself but never have. Your daughter did a great job.

I hope you are well. And yes, I'm feeling the pressure so much that I'm about to lose interest, which is very unlike me.

Angie said...

Well, these are just too awesome!! Love these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :) I don't have Joann's near me but I love what your daughter did with the bird nests! I would love to have several if you have 3(?) to spare? I have several friends/sisters that would go nuts over them. :) And of course, I WANT ONE OF THOSE goblets from TJ's...gotta go shopping :D
I really can't grasp that Christmas is NEXT SUNDAY...ONE WEEK FROM TODAY...and the shortest day...and in a blink the days start lengthening.......*sigh*
Happiest of Holidays!

Mary said...

Sharon! You are so artistic. I can't take my eyes off the purple ribbon. I'm preferring quiet this week. I need some time to decompress as hubby will be away for five days and I'm on winter break! I'll be busy but it will be "me" time. I need it so badly.

I'd pay admission to walk through your beautiful home.

Oliag said...

It's the shortest day of the year as I finally get a chance to stop by and say hi! Days are getting longer from here on and my husband and I went out and celebrated tonight!

Love your daughter's necklaces! Adorable! I would certainly buy some! and I love your jars of bulbs too! Wish I saw this before I bought gifts! You two are very creative:)

Janice Badger Nelson said...

Paperwhites are my favorite. And the necklaces are awesome :-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am just now seeing this - Great gift idea! I really like the nest necklaces your daughter made - very pretty.
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.