Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What brings me joy today:

* This image. I just love Peonies and I'm pleased with the way this particular photo came out  *  The small, pink tea roses I bought at the grocery store tonight. Wish we had snow to photograph them in!  *  No snow! It's a love/hate relationship, obviously  *  Christmas is O-V-E-R  *  The Midnight in Paris dvd. I bought the movie the day it came out and have watched it twice. Would love to get in another viewing before the week is done. *  A good nights sleep  *  A knowledgable Physical Therapist (finally) for my back!  *  My new blog header and sidebar. I worked on it for a while trying to get it just right. Not sure if it is 'just right' yet but it's good enough ; )  *  That I've finally figured out how to use this #@*% iMac. Hee hee . . .  *  The MomentDiary app on my iphone. It's totally free and a great place to record my thoughts, or save some of my favorite Instagram photos.  * The latest issue of Victoria magazine arrived today!

Let's face it, there's a lot of things that are bringing me joy. (We won't go into the bad stuff)

So what about you? Is there something specific in your life that's bringing you joy? Something you just want to shout about? I'd like to know!


Sea Witch said...

Joy = my grandchildren

MariCrea said...

Your pink peony is beautiful as well as the new header
The snow will come ... just need to wait
Enjoy a peaceful day

Kerri said...

What brings me Joy ~ Healthy family In the past my parents have had a LOT of medical issues and that they are getting along pretty good just makes life Wonderful!!

PS - I've been looking at iMacs - maybe going out to get this weekend...... what editing software are you using for yours?

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I'm glad to hear that the iMac is starting to make sense. I've been using one for so long that it's totally the 'norm' for me. I have a Macbook Pro arriving Fedex today and that will have a learning curve I'm sure. Love your peony photo! One of my favorite flowers from childhood since my grandmother grew them.....

It's another grey day here and no snow in sight, so all is brown in my world.

Carol Mattingly said...

I absolutely love love love your header. I did a new one myself and went a little to the quirky side for a bit. I'm with you. You never know when to post a new header and if it's good enough. I say whatever we do, it's good enough. The tea roses are gorgeous. I've been enjoying all of my Christmas decorations as I made a small investments in some new things this year. But soon they will have to go as Christmas is over. Happy New Year to you gal. Carol

Chy said...

Beautiful new header. I love your photos. So calm & colorful.

Joy to me is family & the little moments. Like my son's Christmas card. He had no money this year for gifts but wrote the most incredible thank you to my husband & I for helping him & not making him feel like he is not doing well. He is but life is expensive. Our gift was his words, his music & his presence for dinner, gifts & a drive to see the lights.

Thank you for asking this question. I could write for hours but this was the first one that came to mind.

Enjoy your day!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Just found your blog. Your photos are seriously beautiful! Thanks for making me dwell on the positive, the negative stuff just bogs you down.
Happy New Year to You!

Rosie said...

Your new header is gorgeous...and love the pink peony! I love my imac...I bought one last year and it is still giving me joy! I haven't seen Midnight in Paris...will have to see if my library has it. Glad to hear there are lots of things bringing you joy, Sharon!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

This last year has had some rough spots - Hopefully 2012 will be a much better year all the way around.
Wishing you a very Wonderful New Year!
Your header is very pretty. I need to take the time to work on my blog a bit.

sharon said...

Love your picture of the peony. such a soft pink! My joy....hearing "I love you mama" from my small grandchildren.

Mary said...

LOVE your new header, Sharon! And I love peonies, too. And roses. And my mac. And crazy as it seems, I'm looking forward to shooting some snow, too.

What makes me happy? Having all four of us around a dinner table. :)

Have a wonderful new year, Sharon!

Carolynn said...

Just yesterday, I told The Frenchman that I want to plant a peony bush in the spring and he reminded me that there already is one. Yay! Love those beautiful flowers.

Truly, what is giving me joy today are my happy, contented cats. We went through a period of a couple of weeks where Celine's insulin wasn't doing it's job and she was hungry and unhappy. I couldn't do anything for her and that was horrible. Everything seems to be back to normal now - thankfully - and she has a happy tummy once again.

Nancy Medina said...

Love this Sharon, happy new year my friend!

Carole said...

Love the new shouts Spring. I think mine looks a bit depressing but I haven't had time to change it.
Yes I have a lot to be happy about and many to be unhappy about....also won't get into that:)
I was happy for the sunshine today and working in the greenhouse...boy what a mess but it was still fantastic. Love to get my hands dirty.

Happy New Year!!!!