Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to a new year


Here we are beginning anew and I'm so thankful to enjoy a gorgeous day this January 1st!

As a big leap forward (for me anyway) I decided to start a RedBubble account to offer some of my images to anyone who's interested. So far I have a whopping 3 photos for sale! LOL! There will be more, I promise. Believe it or not I'm already thinking about switching over to Society6. A few ladies I know are there, and seem to really like it, so I signed up to give it a shot.

I used to love photographing this old Apple tree. You can see my most recent photo here. I have several other images of the tree as well but at the moment can't find them. Never forget, organization is key, especially in photography : /

Recently while speaking with the son of the owner of this farm I mentioned how much I love this tree and I hope they didn't cut it down! Please don't cut it down! He said, 'Well, if it starts to die and make a mess it will probably go.' Phew! The tree was still alive and kicking' so it should be safe.

Wouldn't you know less than a week later it lay there on the ground in a heap. I felt such anger inside. It wasn't obstructing anything, and sat on the middle of a hill with a gorgeous sunset behind it almost every night. On the plus side I'm glad I photographed it multiple times. At least I have that.

Last but by far from least, I'd like to remember a couple bloggers we lost in 2011. If there's one thing I love about blogging it's the wonderful network of women we meet along the way. Women who have helped me out with my photography, become my internet friends, or given me inspiration. And there are some who just captivate you with the whole package. Char from Ramblins, and Sarah from the blog Spruce Hill were two such women. Losing the two of them was both shocking and sad. Both ladies remain in my thoughts and heart. I hope they know how much they are missed.

And how was your New Year? 


MariCrea said...

I'm sorry for this tree it was really nice ...
It is only in this beautiful picture
I wish you a sweet new year

Lynn said...

Good morning Sharon, Oh that was a shame to cut down the tree, it photographed so beautifully. I went back and looked and each photo shows a different aspect. Seems trite, but yes, you do have those pictures to look back on now. Good luck with selling your work. I could see a huge photo of the tree in a living room, a study, an me it shows both "strength" and "contentment". Actually, just thought in a Dr's waiting room too. Oh, my yes, you should do well selling your work. Hope the PT helps more in coming days. Happy photography in this brand new year.

Carol Mattingly said...

I am so sorry that you lost several blogging friends. Such vibrant lives taken way too soon. This is why memories are so important to me. As we get older and relatives pass away, I try to remember all of the good times with them. I spent a quiet New Year's Eve watching the ball drop and fell off to sleep hoping that 2012 would be as good as 2011 was to me. I hope you have a wonderful New Year ahead of you. Carol

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

That is so sad about the tree, but yes... at least you have the photos to preserve it!

And my New Years was quite like any other night, some movies on the couch while the baby slept, and then various feedings throughout the night. :)

Cabin Fever in Vermont

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Our next door neighbor just cut down a tall healthy tree in December too. Really angered me since there was no good reason to take it down. Some people!

Chatelaine said...

It was a lovely apple tree and you captured it beautifully.

My New Year was quiet, just how I like it!

It was so nice to meet you in 2011.
Maybe we can do it again in 2012?

SouthernHeart said...

I enjoyed your New England blog and am happy to follow you to your new blog! Happy to hear that you are going to be selling your photography also. Happy New Year!


Custom Comforts said...

So pretty Sharon. So sorry to hear about the two women lost. Their blogs looked so lovely. Isn't it nice we have this lovely world of blogging to share with others, meet new friends and leave a bit of ourselves behind for others to remember ~ a little peek into our souls. I want to try to be more myself this year and reveal my inner soul not only to others, but to myself as well.

Lynda Naranjo said...

Happy New Year, Sharon! I'm so glad we "met" in blogland. Congrats on Redbubble! xo

Jan's camera said...

This photo of the sky and tree is so beautiful. It makes me sad when a tree gets cut down but when I read that I was so angry. I am very sorry for the loss of your friends. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos. Happy New Year.

Oliag said...

What a beautiful pink sky tree photo this is! Apple trees are notoriously short lived...I had one in my back yard that looked healthy and just blew over during one storm...right into my kitchen! Maybe that tree was sicker than it looked...I hope.

I still miss Char and her encouraging words...her passing made blogging very difficult for me this year. I didn't know Sarah but it must have been very difficult for you to lose two blogging friends.

Good luck with your shop!

Oliag said...

Gorgeous pink sky tree! Isn't it wonderful that you took that shot!
I do know that apple trees generally have relatively short lives...maybe it wasn't as healthy as it looked:(

I still miss Char and her encouraging words...her death made blogging difficult for me this year. It must have been so much harder for you to lose two blogging friends!