Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just a little something . . .

Two weeks away. Where has the time gone? 

It always feels good to be back, especially when I have something pretty to post. 

I've continued to hold true to my word of keeping flowers in the house throughout Winter and will continue to do so until I can bring flowers in from the garden. If you don't have any of your own I suggest you go buy some! The roses I've been buying are the small spray roses, and at $3.99 a bunch you just can't go wrong. The florist had some out of code carnations marked down to $.99 so I bought those too and mixed them in.

She also had loads of bright orange and yellow mums that someone over ordered and were also marked down to $.99 a bunch so I bought two bouquets for the girls bathroom and put them into one large container. Its like a greenhouse in here and I love it.

So I think I have found my dream vacation spot. 

Yesterday I started browsing around Google Street Views and thought, 'Hey, why not go to Paris and see the Eiffel tower!' and so I did. Did you know you can go to different countries? I never even thought about it before. So then I drove around Champs Elysees and down a few side streets. Lots of people, shops, restaurants, and plenty of cars, but beautiful scenery.

From there I just had to go to Positano, Italy. Did you ever watch the movie Under the Tuscan Sun? It's one of my absolute favorites and you can view it here. The guy she met in the market and had the one night fling with lived in Positano. 

Positano looks like a gorgeous place.Water sparkles on the bays like a million diamonds, while houses seemingly stacked almost one on top of the other grace rocky hillsides accessed by simple narrow streets. (Positano map) You can see it for yourself by dragging the little orange person down to the blue lines. I would suggest zooming in on the map a bit first though as it will make it easier to find the streets. Just to the right of Chez Black has a gorgeous view!  Maybe you've actually been there yourself, in person? My girls were making fun of me because they thought it was a silly thing to look up online but I think its pretty cool. Technology is amazing! We obviously don't travel much but maybe one day that will change. 
What a marvelous way to check out a vacation destination before you make reservations!

The days just keep growing longer. Hard to believe we will be springing forward on March 11th. Sounds good to me! A few of my daffodils have just started to poke up out of they ground. I gave them a cease and desist order until at least March. Hopefully they listened ; )

Today I cut Forsythia and brought it in to force.

I was struggling to photograph the flowers before the sun sunk to low. The shots below are just before sunset. Often times I think it's the pretties sun of all with long shadows and golden colors.

Lots of hooting and hollering going on in the family room tonight during the Superbowl. Seeing as how we live in the heart of Patriot country I guess it's to be expected. I don't watch sports but I loved the half-time show, even though I'm not a big Madonna fan. It was SO much better than last year with the Black Eyed Peas. Oy!

Oh, did you have a favorite commercial? Tomorrow I'll try to watch some of them online.

Hope your week is a good one!


Laura said...

Loved "traveling" to your house to enjoy the beautiful flowers, Sharon! Unfortunately, flowers here are eaten by a certain cat who is under the age of 4!

sarah c said...

As always your photos are beautiful. I enjoyed the Mrs. M&M commercial.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Great looking flowers. Nice of you to put flowers in the girls' bathroom too. :-) I watched Madonna on my laptop after the Superbowl was over last night. Lots of people complaining about her show that it was too 'old ladyish'....There's just no pleasing some people, is there? I liked it!

Carol Mattingly said...

Such beautiful images. And I love the commentary about the Google search you did. I just might try that. Carol

Pamela Gordon said...

I've never travelled that way before. Hmmm... Beautiful photos! I love the shades of orange - the colour of the year I hear. :) Pamela

Donna said...

I LOVE the flowers! I like tea roses too, because they are beautiful and affordable, and the usually last longer than regular roses.

sheila lynch said...

such a great post, beautiful flowers, kiwi fruit, my fave, and I just took an armchair trip to Poisitano! I felt like I was a spy flying through the streets. Great way to take a tea break from my work, and a great way to beat the Feb. blahs, thanx!

Jan's camera said...

Thanks so much for my mini trip to Positano. That was fun.

injoyinmylife said...

As always, I love your photos. I think the orange color is my favorite ever. My favorite commercial is the one where the dog didn't fit out the doggie door to chase the VW so he went on a fitness routine. Loved it. I also love anything with the Clydesdale horses.

Country Girl said...

These are magazine-worthy, Sharon. Absolutely scrumptious.
And I love your idea of arm-chair traveling! Positano? That town was so beautiful in the film.

Janice Badger Nelson said...

Beautiful pics to warm my Tuesday morning. You have inspired me to go out and get some roses! We are moving soon to Park City UTAH and I will look to your blog to remember all that I love about New England (and flowers and pretty thinsg as well!) With all the chaos of moving, flowers on the table are the right remedy!

I loved the Mathew Broderick commercial....but I have always had a secret crush on him :-)

Carolynn said...

Love the colours in these photos! The orange and the kiwi green are yummy. Now that you mention it, I miss having flowers in the house. I may just pick up a bouquet today.

I also think that's a great way to get away and explore another country. How fun! I have explored a little bit in other North American cities, but not Europe. I may have to do that...maybe I'll go to Venice or the Cote d'azure.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love these photos - Those flowers are so pretty! It is fun to travel around like that. I have traveled to places I use to live and enjoyed seeing how things have changed in most instances - some not so much.